• Prograsm ICE ride ; the sweetness of nipple diddling

    Hi guys,

    After an erotic night with bouts of nipple diddling, I rose at my usual time at 5 o’clock. After showering, shaving, and dressing, I went to my neighborhood 7 Eleven to get an extra-large coffee mocha around 6 a.m. returning to have an early breakfast at 7 a.m. Then I had an Aneros session with Progasm ICE which lasted close to 25 minutes. I just love the silky feel of the Progasm ICE which has given me sweet. powerful Aless since then today.

    A few days ago, a new Aneros buddy, @Poseidon, posed a good question on how to achieve orgasmic nipples through nipple diddling. Through my own experience, when I achieved my breakthroughs in mid September 2016 with Super-O’s and MMO’s, I began to open my body up to greater, sweeter, and erotic sensations. The Aneros was originally invented as a a medical device to self-administer prostate massage, I believe, around 2005 by a Japanese urologist. Men by using the Aneros, discovered not only its medical benefits in promoting good prostate health, but also its erotic benefits. Aneros.com with its Forum, blog section, and Wiki was created.

    So the prostate is the center of the urogenital region in the male anatomy. An awakened prostate through the Aneros radiates sexual energy and well-being in the male. This energy radiates through his genitals and throughout his entire body.

    Most guys from an early age tend to focus on their penis. Touching the penis produces pleasure from an early age. Most guys evolve to masturbation and ultimately to coital sex, even anal sex as they reach adulthood. However many guys do not realize their nipples are treasure troves of pleasure. Many guys have not experienced the pleasure laden in their erogenous zones. That has been my experience until the Aneros entered my life at age 61/62.

    Happy are guys who have sexual partners such as a caring wife if they are married. She will share the delights laden in her boobs (mammary glands), and her aureoles and nipples which tend to be larger than her male companion.

    Nights in bed are perfect times are ideal for leisurely diddling for me. It is quiet and mostly dark in my apartment then. Even though I am now 71 years old, I am in good health. I like to exult in my hairy pecs. My nipples are surrounded by fleshy aureoles. I think of guys in my apartment building with hairy, muscular pecs which have fleshy aureoles and nipples. I believe there are guys near me who enjoy diddling their nipples or enjoy mutual nipple stimulation with their sexual partners, female or male.

    Also I enjoy imagining my nipples as miniature penises. I love my circumcised penis and my flanged Glans. I imagine my nipples as miniature Glans. So when I diddle my nipples, I use two basic movements: (1) A back and forth movement right across my nipples, or (2) a circular movement of my finger(s) around the nipple or even on the nipples themselves. I use light or medium pressure, rarely rough pressure.

    Aless especially in bed at night is an ideal time to connect or enter into the sexual energy of my awakened prostate. It is during such times at night that the real magic, power, and pleasure of diddling my nipple can take place. I can stimulate my prostate, cock root, cockshaft, glans, and testicles through my nipple didding. It is so sweet and powerful.

    Mindgasm gives us techniques for pleasurable Aneros sessions and diddling sessions in bed at night. A typical male ejaculatory orgasm has a peak (climax) of sexual pleasure followed by a long refractory period. Mindgasm shows us how to have valleys and peaks of increasing pleasure which can be sustained for fairly long periods of time. It has been my experience that my Aneros sessions and nipple diddling sessions at night to have such transcendent experiences of sexual pleasure.

    Take care!

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