My new Progasm arrived and I was quite excited to try it out later in the evening. When I opened the package, I admit to being a little intimidated to its size. I had also ordered an received a lubricant syringe.
    As the evening wore down, my anticipation was raised. I prepared myself with an enema to clear out my anal cavity and then injected about 1/3 syringe of KY. I also applied a generous amount of KY to my new little friend. Using the techniques described for inserting the Progassm, I slowly slipped it in at an angle. My previous fears concerning the size were for naught as it went in quite easily and comfortably. I will say that it provides a nice "full" feeling.
    I then proceeded to lay on my back with my knees up and feet flat on the mattress. I remained there for about 45 minutes to an hour relaxing and breathing deeply. I had started to flex my PC muscles and prostate at about the 30 minute mark coupled with deep breaths. I really wasn't feeling much of anything and was starting to get a little discourages after the 1 hour mark even after putting a pillow under my butt hoping to get a little different result.
    I then decided to try laying on my side and shifted. I continued to flex my PC & prostate along with breathing. After about 10 minutes I started to feel some really good sensations from my prostate and I pressed the Progasm in a little bit to ensure that I was making good contact between the device and the gland. All of a sudden, WHAM! I started to get an amazing feeling that filled my whole being and I was twitching and shuddering all over. This continued for about 5 MINUTES continuously… I was gasping for breath and little moans were escaping. I realized that I was having my very first Super Orgasm! )Trumpets & Fanfare, Fireworks and Confetti!!!!(
    After the first one passed I relaxed again and allowed my body to settle. about 5 minutes later I started to flex again and another Super-O hit… this was just as good as the 1st one. Over the course of the next 45 minutes or so, I continued to follow the pattern of Super-O, relax, continue to the next Super-O.
    Later, after I had removed the Progasm and cleaned up a bit, my wife came in and asked me how it went and I just embraced her in a long loving hug. I am so thankful that she is open and willing for me to follow this path and is actively supporting me in this. I explained that the Progasm worked quite well and she remarked that I was still showing signs of flush on my chest and face. This normally happens to me when she and I have a hot & heavy round of sex so she recognized that it must have been "quite something".
    I look forward to many more sessions with my newest little )big( friend.

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      08/01/2013at2:38 pm

      Wow, sounds like my first Progasm experience. Repeated Super Orgasms, each peaking and receding. Each getting stronger and stronger.
      Good for you, cbate77!!!!

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