• Progasm is great!

    So last night was my second Aneros session after taking some time off from it due to some health problems. So I've been probably close to a month or more away from any play with these toys.
    But last night was amazing! Still no super-O, but wow! The pleasure is really something else. And several times I felt something building, my arousal increasing, and my prostate swelling. I just relaxed into it and it felt great! No orgasmic sensations as far as I could tell. But it was still amazing! The involuntary anal contractions were quite strong and regular and it just felt so good in my anus and on my prostate.
    It's interesting that besides the further relaxing into it that has been helpful for me. What I've also found interesting is how much focus and concentration on the sensations and general area seems to be necessary and helps with increasing the sensations and arousal. But it's tiring. Several times my mind would wander. And I'd have to reel it in and start the process over. But what fun!
    In addition, I had this sensation that I've had before a few times of my anus, prostate and the Aneros being like the center of my being. Like my consciousness and all physical sensation is in that general area. It's really wild feeling, and oddly somehow very arousing and sexually freeing. Good stuff!
    And this session came from a pre-Aneros session warm up that was very mild in terms of arousal level and sensation. And I was quite skeptical that I'd even get anything out of my Aneros session once I started. Boy, was I ever wrong! I usually listen to my body in terms of whether I feel aroused enough to even have an Aneros session. But sometimes apparently one can be surprised by the outcome.

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