• Progasm and helix at the same time

    It has been almost a week since my last session. During my last session, I hit a point of arousal I had never felt. And got pleasure from my progasm in a way I have yet to experiance. I started with the progasm. Then went to the helix. The amount of movement i get from the helix after the progasm is wonderful. Then I had a very aroused idea. What if I could get the Progasm to move like the helix? I began to crave some size up there. I popped the helix out and slid the progasm in. It still did not move the way i wanted. And then I had a thought. I Needed to go bigger and back to the progasm. I wondered. Will they both fit? What will it feel like? I decided I was going to try. I started with the trident in moved it over and slid the progasm in right beside. This was the most I had ever had in my ass. But it felt so good! I did some light kegals for about 20 minutes. Dripping precum immediately and in great amount. After about 20 minutes I went down to just the progasm. I could tell the difference. It danced and moved and autofucked me like my trident. The movement and sensations better than before. Due to its design my prostate was getting squarely contacted. It was not long before i began to dribble prostate fluid and was taken to handsfree orgasm bliss.
    Since this session I have had a deep inside level of arousal. I can feel my prostate begging for more. And in a few hours, its going to get more.


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      06/20/2018at8:40 pm

      @liketoplay My initial reaction was “no!”. But I’m sure most of us have not tried what you did. Speaking for myself, I occasionally use multiple “toys” sequentially, just not at the same time. I have used quite a large dildo that actually was too large for me. So in your case, I would be careful not to do any physical damage to yourself!

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