• Problems of (Non)Ejaculation

    Just using the blog as a thought sketchbook to work some ideas through here 🙂
    Executive Summary
    Ejaculation has nothing to do with the breadth and depth of the orgasms you seek to experience, other than ejaculation being the emergency stop button to avoid you reaching them unwittingly, the misunderstanding and mythology surrounding this barrier is akin to that which once surrounded the 'sound barrier' until it was actually exceeded and experienced by humans.
    A little background on me – I rarely ejaculate, perhaps once every week, every two weeks, if that sometimes – it just drains me of energy and lowers my immune system if I do it more these days. I'm approaching 50, I never was a big cummer, I can count the days when I ejaculated twice on my hands. I know some guys will relate to this, others will find it strange – in the past I have chatted to guys who of a similar age were ejaculating up to 12 times a day – there is indeed a wide spectrum of ejaculation rates across humanity, analogous perhaps to the documented eightfold difference in stomach size.
    However, I am very much aware that if you are not exercising the prostate through ejaculation, you should be open to (exercising it) massaging it through other means on a daily basis if possible.
    Anyway over the years I've been confused by what ejaculation gives – you know the sensations when you reach a point of no return with stimulation and nothing is going to stop you ejaculating – ok there's the mechanical muscle relief of all that tension just exploding, which feels fulfilling and wonderful, but means it's all over, at least for a while, (may be you are one of those lucky guys who can cum a lot), but also if the stimulation has been slow and you've been rock hard for a while (let's say over half an hour) you also get some all over body feelings of euphoria and a sense of blissful glowing that might continue for quite a long while afterwards.
    So culturally the orgasm for men is a mix (and for most primarily) the prostate tension release and semen explosion, but also sometimes together with this sense of bliss which is possibly experienced beyond the cock and balls.
    Those of us on the aneros journey at various stages are realising to various degrees that the second sensation is the part which can be expanded into a depth and breadth of orgasm which is much more energetic and to put if mildly (fucking amazing) and can become multiple and / or continuous and bears no relationship to ejaculation.
    But I still like being hard and the accompanying sensations and certainly those generated very near to the point of no return, so I've been playing with the mimicking of ejaculation to prolong and deepen this experience.
    Experiment – Mimicry of Ejaculation as a Portal into Non-Ejaculatory Orgasmic Activity
    Get as near as you can to ejaculating, but ensure you stop a good way before the inevitable and hold your cock near the base and pulse the muscles at the root of your cock as if you are ejaculating – you'll know when you've got the right set of muscles, because it really will feel like you are ejaculating and your cock will become much thicker and certainly the glans / head will significantly swell. The feeling that you were near to ejaculation will also dissipate and possibly ignite areas around prostate and anus which the aneros usually stimulates into the attention of your sensorium. You will probably also experience loss of pre-cum sometimes in surprising quantities. Keep cycling through the sequence of getting close, then holding the cock base and mimicking ejaculation, allowing the dissipation of the feeling of the need to ejaculate and again starting up stimulation towards it – for me after about 4 of these cycles I'm just incredibly hard, blissed out and not particularly craving to ejaculate anymore, just awash in orgasmic feelings – next I'm going to try inserting the aneros, up until now I have kept these two activities separate, not wanting to relate aneros pleasurings with the cock focussed stimulation I have used to bring on ejaculation.

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