• Messages to self

    You are convinced excessive stimulation of nipples and / or arse leads men into another dimension of orgasm experience, whereas excessive cock stimulation always ends in ejaculation, stimulation of nipples and / or arse can side step the termination of pleasure caused by ejaculation and…

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  • Problems of (Non)Ejaculation

    Just using the blog as a thought sketchbook to work some ideas through here 🙂 Executive Summary Ejaculation has nothing to do with the breadth and depth of the orgasms you seek to experience, other than ejaculation being the emergency stop button to avoid you…

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  • A New Decade

    At the start of a new decade I find myself wavering between two extremes to understand the Aneros Effect (1). Is but a catalyst, eventually this phenomenon of increasing / developing levels of body / mind bliss becomes self-sustaining without the catalyst – which begs…

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