• Press on Regardless

    So, Ive had my helix syn for a few weeks, one of which i had to leave it at home while on vacation with the family and three grandchildren.
    Didn’t look to be any opportunities for alone time in 1200 ft cabin.

    I’ve been hitting it off and on, with a few minor episodes of goodness.
    Twice, I’ve fallen asleep with it, only to wake up at 3 AM having a wonderful time for 10 or 15 seconds.
    So I know my wires are capable of working.
    No had any success while conscious yet.

    Had a few passing episodes at work. so there’s that.

    I think my major malfunction is getting my 62 year old body wound up sufficiently to get off to a good start.
    I still get erections during sleep, so the plumbing is functioning.

    Press on

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