• Practice makes perfect

    Hello again!
    Hi, I'm back after quite a while of not posting. It has been a month since I got my first Super-O's and things haven't gone quite as well as that first time, unfortunately. For some reason I had a masterful touch that first night, I managed to coax several super-o's back to back. I have lost a bit of progress since then, though.
    For the past month, I can never really count on a session to be successful and if I do manage to get a Super I usually only get one or maybe two. Even though this may seem like a setback I think that first night of mind-blowing success was an early birthday present of sorts. It gave me a glimpse into just how amazing sessions could be. I know I could get there again but I must perfect my technique.
    I have noticed that it has been more difficult lately to prevent myself from clenching my pc muscles hard in anticipation so I will try and tackle that obstacle first.

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