• Pole For Next Aneros to Review

    I am going to keep putting together reviews of Aneros products to help others decide on purchases and to share my experience with various models. I just did a review on the Helix Trident. I would like to know what my fellow Aneros users would like to see next in the trident line. Put your votes in the comments! I will review the top 2.


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      06/28/2018at8:18 pm

      @Iliketoplay I never had the Maximus Classic; I would like to know your opinion of Maximus Trident!

    • Avatar for SOwithoutAneros


      06/29/2018at6:55 am

      @Iliketoplay, as my Eupho Syn still is one of my favorites, I would be full of anticipation of a review of this tool in the Trident line. Cheers!

    • Avatar for Iliketoplay


      06/29/2018at12:55 pm

      @goldenby @SOwithoutAneros I am quite excited about this. These are the 2 models aneros makes that I have no experience with in any version.

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