• Pleased that progress is resumed

    For the last few weeks sessions have been quite low key and I seemed to have reached a bit of a plateau, if you define progress as an upward journey. I was beginning to get a bit despondent, wondering whether I ought to get another model to try and move things on. Last night I decided to have a session, just for practice;it was several days since the last one which was pretty unproductive. No session produced a complete failure; there was always some movement and sensations but only weak waves of pleasure.
    When I prepared for the session last night I determined that I was inserting the MGX to keep my prostate on its toes and would just limit the session to an hour for practice with no expectation of any great event.
    I also decided that I would lie on my back with a pillow under my lower back to keep the MCX handle free of any surface contact. For most of the latest sessions I had positioned myself on my right side with one leg straight and the other bent up to my stomach. I was convinced that the side position was not allowing me to concentrate intently enough on the sensations and movement in my anus and prostate area and even hindered the contact with the perinium.
    Within ten minutes of starting the session I felt movement of the device and also started to feel pleasure sensations. There followed mild orgasms and a feeling of positive development that were leading to something. At this point I felt quite content that I was back on a path of progress and I was wrong to get despondent.
    After an hour and a half of good sensations and at the end of a nice orgasm there was a tingle right in the centre of my anus which started building and seemed to be climbing upwards externally but giving me feeling internally. The image is confusing but that is how it felt to me. The sensations were incredible and I wondered how far upwards it was going to take me and how intense the feelings were going to get. I was gasping at this point and breathing very heavily and quietly moaning.Momentarily as things were going upwards I almost felt as if I was going to lose conciousness.
    After that there were some further nice waves of orgasm but nothing on that scale. I decided to end the session feeling very pleased to have obviously made progress with an intensity of sensation unlike anything previous.
    I am not going to claim to have had a super O but I certainly feel I am on the path to that zone.
    I am now convinced that lying on my back is the best position for me and that no expectation is vital to a positive session.I have to beware even of subconcious expectations! I am in the "do nothing" school of thought other than diaphragm breathing at the beginning until things get going; Then just lying relaxed and concentrating intensely on the sensations in the pelvic area and being aware of odd sensations in other parts of the body. For example my lower lip twitches when I am about to start mini "O's. Before the major orgasm started I had a massive tingling in my right thigh.
    I have managed to stop myself from overdoing the activity and to have a day gap before the next session and have used writing this blog as sublimation!
    Its a wonderful journey!

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