• Peridise finally delivered

    I spent about an hour with the eupho. I was especially horny when I started and ended up having some amazing orgasms with the eupho. At one point, the bed was rolling underneath me as if I were floating on the ocean. It was gentle and extremely pleasurable. I also had several really intense dry o's. After a while, the eupho started to irritate so I decided to take it out. I put the largest of the peridise in. I've only used them a handful of times. At first, it just felt nice. Then, my anus started to quiver all on its own. This continued pretty much non-stop for a 1/2 hour. It felt glorious. The feelings spread all over my body. They subsided somewhat and then increased in intensity over and over again. I guess this is what's supposed to happen, right 🙂
    Anyways, I ended up ejaculating at the end and it felt great too. I'm still pretty charged up though.

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