• Parallels

    This is a continuation of my last blog post. I had the house to myself, and despite the last few consecutive nights of aneros use knew exactly what my body craved. And Eupho wasn't going to cut it. I wanted to test the reverse Kegal on the ICE and see what happened, most of all I wanted that feeling of fullness.
    I showered and prepped, then lay on the bed and put on a really hot porn scene, I particularly like massage scenes where the girls are being oiled up. There's something about the way their bodies shimmer and glisten that gets my desire burning. I lay back and watched my cock grow into a semi flaccid state, as the male masseuse caressed the gorgeous blondes body. Aroused I spread the lube over the ICE, taking care to cover all of it surface, knowing what was to come.
    My hand and fingers had a lot of excess lube on them, watching onscreen as the girl had her glistening and perfect natural breasts rubbed I brought my hand down to my ass and slowly spread my cheeks. I caressed the area knowing this teasing was vital to the acceptance of the larger toy. As the masseuse slowly worked his finger around the girls ever-erecting and slick nipple, I did the same with my asshole. Circling ever closer, the pleasure building and my sphincter opening in anticipation. Deftly I let my index finger slide into me, continuing to circle and stretch myself. I quickly inserted another finger, and slowly began to work my ass, by this point the masseuse had worked his way to the girls hot wet pussy and was working his own fingers in and out of her.
    I grabbed the ICE and put it to my aroused hole, feeling the velvety smooth tip of it slightly penetrate. The masseuse had finally undressed his hard cock no longer straining in his pants, walking upto the girls head she slowly began licking his swollen glans, savouring every sweep of her tongue. I had flashbacks of the previous night and slowly scooped the ICE in. It settled as she took all of his manhood into her mouth. The tabs pressed into my sweet spots. The blowjob onscreen continued as I relaxed and got used to the feeling if the ice. I could feel the pressure on my prostate instantly.
    Slowly I had those familiar twitches, the small ticklish pulses as the blood pumps between the prostate and the toy, I was laying with my knees in the air, my head propped up on pillows so I could watch the section unfold, it also afforded me a great view in the foreground of my cock as I got myself more aroused. The micro movements of the glassy ice stroking elicit pleasure from my prostate. In turn causing my cock to lengthen and expand, it's such a joy to watch as my foreskin rolls back exposing my swelling glans to the cool air.
    Very soon the man was running his cock around the woman's gaping slit, covering himself in her obvious excitement. They began to fuck, gently at first then increasing in speed. Her cries of pleasure caused my involuntaries to began, each moan causing my ass to contract stroking my pspot as I pulled it deeper. My hips began to buck match every thrust onscreen, imagining it's my rock hard cock plunging into her red hot cunt, engulfing me.
    It doesn't seem long until the scene reaches it's climax, with the man pulling out, his dick covered in her creamy juices. His balls tighten and he grunts as his load sprays onto her sodden pussy. In my frenzied state I wish it was me cumming into her then imagine myself cleaning up the mess, her juices mixing with my own. I don't cum, I let the arousal slightly subside and roll over onto my stomach.
    Another scene starts much more animalistic than the first, I begin to thrust in time, my now limp cock rubbing on the bed sheets. Gravity pills the heavy progasm onto my prostate, I feel each thrust accompanied by the smooth stroke of the toy. Pretty soon I can't take it. I tell myself I need to have a HFWO, just to let the cum ooze out. But it doesn't happen. Half tortured with arousal I get on all fours, thrusting back and forth each causing my now erect cock to swing like a pendulum, slapping against my tight balls. I feel something wet and slimy catch my stomach, I kneel and see the glisten of my cockhead covered in precum.
    I lay down and grasp my shaft gently squeezing up towards the tip, as a single but large drop oozes out of my slit. Pulling back my foreskin I watch myself drool. I realise suddenly I need to cum, almost subconsciously my fingertips are covering my glans in the stringy, sweet goo, I take time to tease the frenulum. Then taking my thumb and two fingers then circle my cockhead in a figure of 8. I grab my cock, it feel stuff and boiling hot in my hand and start to pump. Completely lost in my desire to cum, I start to feel the ICE slip out. As it edges out my excitement builds, the orgasm is building. As it finally exits me and strokes against my anus, I explode into orgasm, shooting ropes of hot cum into the air, splattering across my stomach. Sometimes a super-T is just what I need.

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