• Overnight Sensation!

    Following Thursday’s prostate milking session, things continue to progress nicely. Last night, I had a two hour session with my Eupho Syn. The original plan was to switch from the ES to my MGX midway into my session but the feelings I was getting were too good to interrupt. Finally, at midnight, I had to call it quits as I was at the very peak of my session. I went to bed with my entire lower body tingling; my prostate refusing to let go.
    To my surprise, I woke up in the middle of the night in a full body orgasmic state. Electricity was travelling at a fast pace from the tip of my toes to my head and I was in a trance. I can’t say it was an exceptional orgasmic feeling from a cresting point of view but it was high voltage none the less. During this period, I did not hold anything back and as the feeling would subside a little, it always came back stronger. I’m sure I was on the edge of SO zone if not fully in it.
    This was not my first such experience; I had it once or twice before and if memory serves, it was following a session with my Eupho Syn.
    Life is wonderful!


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      02/25/2018at1:27 am

      I am envious of your prostate milking sessions, but I think they will facilitate your Aneros sessions. I too have the MGX in my Aneros collection. It is perhaps my favorite Aneros model.
      I also salute you on achieving a full body orgasmic state. I want you to know that Aneros experiences and pleasures, certainly Aless, are cumulative. That has been my Aneros experience since year 2015.

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      02/25/2018at11:25 am

      @GGringo What a great surprise from your Eupho! If I may, I want to respond in kind with a sort-of “mini-blog”. I have had only two sessions with my “new” Eupho. Following the last one, for most of the day yesterday, I had almost a “half-erection” and serious Aless almost all day. I felt like I wanted to ejaculate. Since I was only in Day 2 of SR, I dismissed the possibility. Yesterday, I was becoming very aroused and horny just being around my wife and following the previous days’ ejaculation, I never thought I needed to ejaculate again! Was I wrong! While in bed, I got very horny again and before I knew it, I had to ejaculate with her help! It was so easy! (So much for DE and ED)!
      Now, my question is: did the Eupho re-awaken something in my prostate? I ask this because I remember years ago, that when my prostate was being “re-wired”, I had the extreme urge to ejaculate about an hour or so following a session. Could this be happening again? Was the Eupho responsible for this? It is intriguing to think of the possibility…I guess only time and another Eupho session will tell…
      PS Following two ejaculations in two days, i do not have any hint of “refraction” or lessening of my “symptoms”.

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      02/25/2018at2:28 pm

      @goldenboy the Eupho model is refined and sleek and has a longer reach than my other models and so I wonder if it’s hitting a part of my prostate that causes the after effects I’m experiencing (and you too). I used it against last night and as I’m typing this, sitting on the couch, I’m in an orgasmic state.
      My next session will be Thursday as I need to give my prostate a break. This excludes my excellent Aless sessions twice daily of course.
      @BigGlansDC its always good to hear from you; I hope you are doing well.
      Regards to both of you.

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