• Other Orgasm Techniques (March 2019)

    Over time, whenever I wasn’t having a great time with my Aneros, and I was extremely aroused, I have also liked to combine my sessions with a a variety of different things I was curious about in solo play to achieve multiple orgasms. I always also wished to pursue a HFWO orgasm which kept getting away from me. Despite achieving a SuperO with Aneros, I still wanted to try all options of sexual pleasure, and nothing was off the table (except cheating). Over time, I have tried various techniques and forms of edging, hypnosis, KSMO, binaural beats, kegels, Aless, various drugs and supplements, eStim, a Theragun, dildos, an nJoy wand, nipple play, sounding and even a fucking machine.

    To this day I still believe that just using a single Aneros toys is the best way to spend a day or a night (or both) away from your partner. Nothing else is needed and it can take you very very far away into deep inexplicable pleasure.

    But I can never satisfy my curiosity. If you haven any others, post a comment or send a message. I will post a review of all of these below over time, but in brief summary:

    BDSM: eStim or Sounding 4/10 – not for me. I have invested serious cash into the set up and finally had a hwfo with eStim, using a plug, pads and rings and a quality machine. Quality matters, but to me the orgasm was dulled out by the electricity (or by pain!). Sounding was fun but always felt too invasive. Maybe I need an expert to tie me up and show me the real deal. I would like to try rope play, sensory deprivation and several other things.

    Sound Therapies: Erotic Hypnosis, KSMO and Binaural Beats 5/10 – they help me relax for an Aneros session, and I have had some success independently as to what started to feel like a p-wave. I have even achieved my first dry orgasms with the Cum torture mp3 from Warpmymind. But I have not invested sufficient time and did not have enough patience to take all of these seriously and really get into them. Why do that when I can get to a SuperO using the ‘doing nothing’ technique with my Aneros in (even if that’s not every time).

    Masturbation and Edging – 6/10 I would still be interested to get to a ‘goon’ state or a multiorgasmic masturbation session. But this is usually contradictory to Aneros play. I have generally enjoyed my experiences with edging, especially as this is something my partner is receptive to. Those are even better. But generally I don’t have the patience to start stop enough times to get a continuous orgasm state. Maybe this will come with age. It would be interesting to learn this one day. Reach out to me and share if and how you started ‘gooning’

    Muscle or Mind Control: Kegels and Aless Orgasm Techniques 6/10 – absolutely helpful for training and increases the level of pleasure with or without an Aneros. Others claim to have developed sufficient muscle control to have Aless instantaneously. I am not there yet! As for Aless itself, it is beyond amazing once you get there. I only went there once or twice, and had a hard time stopping the pleasure, which could be dangerous (Kundalini awakening?). There’s nothing to remove, so there’s no circuit breaker! I still don’t know how others do it.

    External Stimulants: Drugs and Supplements 7/10 – most of them only worked as far as a placebo, but THC is the real deal. When combined with Aneros, it simply gets me to an autofucking autoorgasmic universe where I could stay for hours. It is an alternative reality that enhances and presents my body with all possible orgasm combinations, irrespective of what I have experienced before. My only problem is the recovery after. I experience severe hangovers so prefer not to use it too frequently.

    Hard Toys: nJoy wand, Dildos and Fucking Machines 8/10. I think they could be amazing on their own, but counter intuitive if you desire deep physical and mental pleasure that you can get from an Aneros session. I have had occasional brief full body orgasms or dry orgasms using them, and sometimes I just want to be fucked or fuck myself endlessly. But it can feel sore afterwards.

    Nipple Stimulation 9/10 – Oh wow, men seriously do not understand the functionality of their nipples and how to connect them to your centre of pleasure! Mine were not sensitive (so not an excuse) and I have trained endlessly years ago to get to where I am now. They absolutely enhance my sessions, and I can have dry orgasms just by massaging them without an Aneros. A combination works the best, and -1 for always wanting me to do it (not relaxing for a ‘do nothing’ session).

    Sex – 9.5/10. As we all know, sex is one of the best things out there, and it can develop over the years into many different experiences, including multiple orgasms. I am a willing recipient of anal sex when in the right state of arousal and it often makes me feel that I am an edge of an an anal orgasm, especially when combined with closeness and intimacy in sharing the moment. However, for me, this was and is a steep learning curve.

    Aneros – 10/10 – Incredible unending pleasure and capacity to blow the mind in many ultra fantastic ways that will caused my life to change. That is, in 2012-2018. Then, there was an intermission where I couldn’t derive any pleasure from it at all. Read about it in my next blog and how I got back into the realm of pleasure.

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