• Opening Pandoras Box – Using mind power.

    I’m delighted that I started writing this blog, not just for my own reference but for you the reader to be able to follow me on this amazing journey. Progress in the past few months has astounded me, just when I think things can’t get any better something happens that just blows my socks off. The words below are about something I had no inclination I had the power to perform, these experiences are making me realise we are far more empowered than we dare to think about, that is until we open Pandoras box…..

    With no real intention I had my fourth session in a row. I used my fresh homemade lube and the Eupho syn trident, watched some porn and zoned out. It took awhile to get things going but as with my last blog I started to feel a now familiar buzz from my prostate, after a little gentle persuasion this grew to an electrical-type sensation as per my previous session, then came the quivering/shaking legs. This is where things got a whole lot interesting…..

    I switch off the porn and lay on my back in the dark, my prostate was gentle buzzing and this feeling was spreading through my groin, the really high frequency but subtle quivers started to grow stronger. I read on the Aneros forum about someone who had learned to move this sensation around his body by the use of his mind alone, so I tried it. Holy crap, it worked, I could move the ‘buzz’ around my body, first to my belly then to my chest, the next bit is really important, I moved it to my head!!! Wowsers, this was literally a mind blowing experience.

    I continued this for ages moving ‘the buzz; to my arms with nothing more than mind-control. The strong visuals returned with vengeance, nothing as freaky as before, the most interesting was of Daniele from American Pickers, she was wearing a pink fishnet body suit and we were doing very naughty things to each other on the couch, and I mean really mucky stuff. This image didn’t really come as a shock to me as I was browsing the Net a couple of weeks back and found some pics of her in a rather sexy burlesque outfit. The visuals like before were so vivid, even better I could choose my perspective and control where the image went. Then came the sobbing, like totally out of control sobbing like nothing I’ve ever experienced before, it was like decades of frustration came flooding out, no tears just deep uncontrolled sobs.

    The finale came as I continued with the visions combined with moving ‘the buzz’ from my prostate to my head with my thoughts alone, back and forth, back and forth. I couldn’t hold back any longer and finished with the mother of all super-t’s, like it milked me dry!

    I’m a bit taken aback by what’s happened, I had experienced a lot of the elements before but I’ve never been able to put everything together to create ‘the perfect storm’.

    Everything I’ve read about on this forum/blog is a whole lot clearer now.

    I’m obviously in a really good head-space right now, I’m away from home with very few distractions, in staying in a beautiful cabin surrounded by stunning scenery, work has been stress free, life had been simplified. I’m absolutely convinced this has with the progress made in the last couple of sessions.

    I’ve said this in the past but I’m going to say it again, thank you, thank you , thank you to all of you that have posted about your personal journeys on this site, your encouragement had been invaluable and essential reading.

    I sincerely hope you all get the opportunity to unlock Pandoras box and get to sob like a girl!!!

    Update: Another session, number five of the week!
    Eupho Syn Tridend (again).

    As above I could control the electrical type buzz with my mind, moving it around my body, to experiment how far I could go with this new experience I moved it to my right knee, left knee, chin, feet, I could move it at will. Then I rocked it back and forth from my anus to my prostate, like pushing a swing, the longer I held it the stronger then next ‘buzz’ was. It took concentration but the feelings were super intense, I did this for ten to fifteen minuets before I couldn’t take it any longer and finished with a Super-T.

    Here’s something really cool. When I moved the ‘buzz’ to my ass I could sent it to the outer-ring of my a-hole and make it tremble, this felt incredible.

    I’m giving my prostate a bit of a break to recover…… back in a few days.

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      11/26/2020at11:33 am

      I can relate to a lot of this. I’m starting to be able to control the experience more with my mind just like you. However, I think I prefer to let it surprise me.

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