• Odds and Ends

    -Last blog post I made mention of a stuttering issue I was having with the vibrator in the Vice. I had hoped that I fixed it by slightly pushing down the bottom section of the vibrator. While it worked well for a couple sessions, the stuttering came back and was significantly worse, to the point where it would effectively end my sessions when it happened. It wouldn't happen right away, usually after an hour or so of use. It then occurred to me that it really only happens after I switch batteries. That's when I realized what the problem was…..I use rechargeable batteries and I always start with the same battery (for no real reason other than routine). For some reason, that battery works OK (only very occasional stuttering) but the other 3 rechargeable batteries I own cause the vibrator to stutter often. I had a couple non-rechargeable batteries handy and gave those a try in the next couple sessions. Sure enough, the vibrator worked flawlessly both times. I did read that it is not recommended to use rechargeable batteries with the Vice, but was hoping that buying high quality rechargeables (Eneloop) would still work. That apparently is not the case. While the rechargeable batteries worked well for the first several recharges, it looks like after a while they aren't able to produce the steady current needed to keep the vibrator running at a constant speed. Even the one battery that was working fine was started to produce the same stuttering as the others, though not nearly as bad. So now I am testing out various non-rechargeable batteries to see which ones work best and can be purchased relatively cheaply (Duracell is the early leader).
    -Last blog post, I also implied that I was near/at the end of my journey and didn't have much further to progress. I was wrong. I've had a number of sessions since then, and aside from a couple bum sessions (mostly due to the aforementioned stuttering issue), each produced different and more wonderful feelings. In my most recent session, I had orgasms that were individually lasting about 2-3 minutes each and rolling one right after the other. On a few of those, the orgasms morphed into something much stronger. It's hard to explain, but it kind of felt like the Vice was “digging in” during those orgasms, though it wasn't at all painful…it was extremely pleasant. The first one took me by surprise and I almost leaped off the bed. Not sure if this was the beginning of what others are calling a “Super-O”, but it's clear to me that there is much more to be experienced than what I have so far.
    -I recently had relatively minor surgery and it was an out-patient procedure. I was sent home with Percocet (which is part Oxycodone <which itself is an opiate> and part Tylenol) to help with the pain and it worked quite well. Twice I tried having an Aneros sessions while on Percocet, but didn't really have any pleasurable feeling during either one of them (except for the end of the 2nd of those sessions, when the Percocet was wearing off). It felt really odd…I could feel myself having orgasms, but there was little pleasurable feeling to go along with it. Regardless, I can confirm (at least for me) that Aneros sessions while on Percocet is pretty much a no-go.
    -Another curious turn for me is I am now having trouble masturbating while the Vice is inserted. This stands in stark contrast to the beginning sessions for me, when I nearly blew the roof off the house with the strength of my traditional orgasms. It now takes considerably more effort to produce an ejaculation, though when it does eventually happen, it's as pleasurable as ever. I haven't tried masturbating without an Aneros inserted to see if that makes a difference.
    -Over the last week, I have really been feeling my prostate between sessions. Like it is constantly reminding me that it is there. It isn't at all unpleasant, though a bit distracting especially when I am at work (or driving.) I am sure a good part of that is sitting in an office chair much of the day. A curious side-effect of this is that I have been feeling it in my dreams as well….and even once dreamed that I was having a small prostate orgasm. I have no way of knowing if this was a real a-less orgasm, or just my mind making it up. In the end, don't think it matters.
    -Haven't take out the Helix Syn in quite a while. Really for no other reason than the Vice has been a superstar.

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