• O what a ride.

    Hello all,
    I am starting this blog more for myself to keep track of how my sessions are going.
    Today I started with the Tempo. I inserted it and than sat at my desk and did some paperwork. The tempo is a great starter tool for me. It reallys get things moving. It just seams to pump me, just in and out. Getting my mussles ready for the next tool.
    I road the tempo for about 45 minutes getting alot of precum. I like the way it moves inside me. I had inserted three small cubes of coconut oil so I was all lubed up when I started.
    After 45 minutes, I removed it and continued doing paperwork. In the mean time my prostate was just humming along. Still getting precum dripping out. After about 40 mins or so I desided it was time to insert the eurpho.
    This little tool really took me for a ride. I road it for 60 minutes or so switching positions once. I had a great time riding this is tool. I had tingles from the tips of my toes to end of the hair on top of my head.
    I never did got a full erection, but I seldom do, but I had a great time.
    One problem I have been having is that I get to excited and end up having a HFWO. Not that that is not a nice thing, but today I kept everything under control. This allowed me to really feel the waves of energy moving thru me. They seam to just start in my prostate and move thru my body. I really enjoy these feelings and can move them with some certainty around my body.
    This is my first blog, so we will see how it goes.
    Hoping your next ride is better than your last.

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      08/13/2017at1:36 am

      Hello @aneros_user83540, thanks for sharing. Though it never came to my mind to use any of my aneros toys while sitting on a chair, I must admit, especially because of its flat bottom, the Tempo is the best toy to give that idea a try, thanks for this new fancy too.
      Besides I only can encourage you to use your blog as a diary, because your journey can go really fast and lead you to more forks in your path than you might be able to remember. And sometimes it will be the best to halt and look back and perhaps choose a different path to overcome a hurdle.
      Best vibes to you, congrats to your progress and keep us posted!

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