• Nutty Buddy Cup all the way II : Aneros session for Wednesday April 11

    Hi guys,
    Like goldenboy, many nights I have been wear a “chastity” cup to bed. I prefer to call it an athletic cup though because I just love how a cup along with a jockstrap cradles and contains my male genitalia. The athletic cup certainly keeps my hands off my manhood, so it can qualify as a “chastity” cup. The last few nights during periods of wakefulness I have been playing with myself by caressing my hairy pecs, abs, and navel while diddling my nipples. Early this morning it was even more so because in a way engaging lusty foreplay. However, using the expression, “playing with myself,” I do not mean that I was masturbating my penis. Once again, my penis and testicles were kept from my roving hands because of my jock and cup.
    For my session this morning just after sunrise, I worked with in order: Eupho Classic, MGX, Maximus, and Progasm ICE. The session lasted about 1.25 hours, perhaps longer. I wore two BIKE men’s large jockstraps with a Nutty Buddy Trophy Cup in the pouch of the exterior jock. The Nutty Buddy Cup comes in five sizes. Youth and Junior/SM fits the genitals of boys. Medium fits those of teenagers. Large and XL fits those of men. The Large and XL sizes are named Trophy and Mongo. I have several Nutty Buddy Cups in the Trophy and Mongo size. They are hot!!!
    My session concluded around 8:30 this morning. After cleaning up and shaving, I donned a Nutty Buddy Trophy Cup underneath my jeans. Since then, I have been in states of sexual arousal while Kegeling in this athletic cup while meditating upon the mount of sexual arousal and PONR at the summit. I hope to do more of this when I go to bed wearing my jock and cup!
    Right now I am in day 6 of my new SR challenge. Take care!

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      04/11/2018at10:26 pm

      @BigGlansDC I was doing yard work this afternoon (finally getting ready for spring!) and wearing my Bike hard “baseball” cup outside! Felt very sexy!

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