• Nutty Buddy Cup all the way : Aneros session for Thursday March 29

    Hi guys,
    Last evening some hours before I went to bed, on Tumblr I saw an incredibly hot baseball player who was wearing an XL size Nutty Buddy Cup called the Mongo. It created an almost obscene cup bulge in his baseball pants.
    So last night I wore a Nutty Buddy Cup size Mongo to bed last night. Retired MLB great Mark Littell who was the inventor of this amazing athletic cup originally envisioned this cup to be worn in the pouch of an ordinary jockstrap over compression shorts or boxer briefs as a base layer. I slept like a baby last night Kegeling in this cup occasionally.
    Then this morning I rose in the 5 o’clock hour washed up, shaved, and dressed for an early breakfast. Then I hoped on the Net for a while and Kegeled in the Nutty Buddy. I also diddled some.
    Finally I had my session at 6:30 a.m. I wore my Nutty Buddy Cup in the pouch of a Duke jockstrap over an ordinary BIKE jockstrap. This configuration enabled me to have an Aneros session. My models of Eupho Classic, MGX, and Maximus all had free access to my bunghole. The leg straps of the two jockstraps did not get in the way. Also none of my extra virgin olive oil got on my jocks. It was a clean session. I was very pleased.
    The elasticity of the two jocks and the Nutty Buddy Mongo added magnified the force of the operation of my three Aneros tools. They penetrated deeply and I felt their every thrust. I believe my session this morning lasted about an hour which ended about 7:30 a.m. Since then I have had incredibly powerful Aless which I can manipulate with Kegels and meditative breathing.
    Today’s session is a consolation to a frustrating Palm Sunday. I had to lay completely aside any thoughts about my 21 day SR challenge which I achieved that day. Instead I had to focus on church services and church life. I got home later than I wanted late Sunday. I was also exhausted. I did not have the energy to celebrate my reaching my SR goal that day.
    I celebrated two days later with a satisfying masturbation session early Tuesday morning. I am now in day three of my new 21 day SR challenge. Take care.
    Update at 12 Midnight, March 30. I am getting ready to post this blog entry. Right now the Nutty Buddy Cup feels so good as I Kegel in it and as I diddle my nipples. I observe my 69th birthday today. The Nutty Buddy Cup Mongo size makes me feel so young! 🙂
    In a few minutes, I return to bed wearing my Nutty Buddy Mongo. I plan to have an extended period of foreplay leisurely Kegeling and diddling! Perhaps I may have a repeat session too near dawn. Also I am in day four of my new SR challenge!

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      03/30/2018at11:13 am

      @BigGlansDC I do not have a Nutty Buddy cup yet but am intrigued how it might feel. I too have used multiple jockstraps for additional support and stimulation. Congratulations are in order for your completion of the 21-Day No Ejaculation Challenge!

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