• Nothing on Doing Nothing and Butt Buzzin

    On Friday night, I had a date with my Helix Syn and after reading several Forum posts about the ‘Do Nothing’ approach I decided this was the night to try it out. I lubed up, inserted and layed down to enjoy the session. Having tried this method before but without the patience, I never really gave it a chance. So, an hour and a half into my session, doing nothing but concentrate on twitches and pulses and sensations which never came, I gave up and spent my last 20 minutes doing a few Kegels and contractions but again not much to write about. I’m not giving up on the concept so I plan to try again on occasion. I know it works, I just need to give it more time.
    On Saturday night, another date with my H-Syn but this time with mild contractions and Kegels (usual practice for me). This time, I experienced a lot of anus and anal sensations I never had before. My Helix was just dancing in there. I had read about it from my co-members on the forum but a very first for me. It was GREAT to say the least!
    All this to say that my re-wiring is still progressing. I think about this every time I feel a new twitch, tingle, tug or whatever else trembles down there. I have a long way to go and enjoy every minute of it.
    I look forward to my next date on Tuesday or so.


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      09/26/2016at7:40 am

      @GGringo Great to read about your progress on Saturday. One thing about the do-nothing technique is that your body orchestrates all the pleasure it wants to give you and you do not know what’s in store. That is what makes it so intriguing. It seems that your recent session bears that out. If you are able to relinquish control, you can be rewarded ten-fold!

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      09/26/2016at1:22 pm

      @goldenboy, I guess my body did not want to yield anything to me on that night. I’m not giving up on the concept; I plan to dedicate more ‘do nothing’ time to my sessions, maybe one in two or three sessions. I will keep you posted.

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      09/26/2016at6:11 pm

      @GGringo Great! Sometimes, you just can’t rush your body. After my last blog post, I have felt absolutely nothing today, not even a twitch. Why? Who knows? As I have posted previously, if your body is ready, even the ‘quietest’ do-nothing session will explode with fireworks! Just keep at it!

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      09/27/2016at12:08 am

      @GGringo, you will discover the your Aneros sessions and rewiring are cumulative. That has been my Aneros experience.

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