• Not so Silent Seduction

    His lips are clean now, but I dare not stop kissing him. It started off me just wanting to lick my nectar from his lips…now he's become my fountain of youth…I cant stop drinking from him if I tried. This journey is far from over if I have anything to say about it. My heart is racing…I'm sure I look something akin to cartoons when their heart beats out of their chest when they see something/someone who they love/want. I feel powerful & weak all at the same time. I never kiss with my eyes open…but with him the connection is so deep I cant look away. His glare is searing…he breaks off our kiss but his eyes never stray from mine. He takes my hand and stands guiding me over to the huge window overlooking my city. Its dark outside, we're only 4 floors up, cars are passing on the street below. Its dark inside so outsiders cant really see us clearly but we can see them. There are no window coverings…just floor to ceiling glass. He pulls me close to him enveloping me in his embrace and capturing my lips. We stand there wrapped in each other passionately kissing naked not caring who might see. His hard hot cock is throbbing against my thigh, I want him inside me…my girly parts are weeping again.
    His kisses trail down to my neck, my eyes flutter closed as my head falls back giving him any and all access he wants. He is biting and sucking on my neck while my fingers are entwined in his hair. His hands massage down my back cupping my ass pulling me closer to his engorged member. "I want you inside me…please…I cant wait much longer…" I manage to whisper in his ear. He grinds himself against me suggestively… "Please…please?" I'm begging him, he has me begging…so out of character for me but I'm weak for him. He turns me around to face the window, he stands behind me his cock nestled between my cheeks. I can see the night lights outside the window…the city doing what it does, but then he comes into focus. Then me…I see our reflection faintly. What I see most is the look in his eyes. Pure lust…for me…for this. I look away…the heat getting to me. I feel his hand on my face…his voice in my ear…"Don't look away…look at me…look at us in the window." I look back at him…ohhh fuck that look in his eyes is going to make me faint. I feel his hand on my waist pulling my ass flush against him…"If you look away…you don't get what you want…ok?" he says to me with a wink. I nod. One hand leaves my waist while the other grips me a little tighter. I feel him take hold of himself and nudge my lips with the head of his cock. I'm so wet he slides to my entrance with ease the head of his cock just barely inside me. He lets go of himself and placed his hand back on my waist. I arched my back slightly preparing for his entry…then he did it. Thrust into me to the hilt…it felt so heavenly my eyes fluttered closed for a split second. Then I remembered his request…my eyes flew open meeting his. He's smirking at me…he's enjoying this…in more ways than one. He licked his lips…almost as if he could still taste me…then he began.
    Stroking through my wetness, caressing me inside and out. His hands touching me his dick impaling me. My knees are getting weak I brace my hands on the glass leaning forward slightly. He takes advantage of that angle and goes a bit deeper. I whimper at the new sensation. I hear his breathing deepen correlating with his thrusts. My body syncs with his absorbing him, drawing him into me…he feels home within my depths. I feel empty every time he withdraws slightly. I can conceal my moans any longer, he can tell I'm faltering on my feet…I'm not going to be able to stand any longer. I feel him sinking to his knees taking me with him, now I'm on all fours on the floor, he's still lodged inside me, I dare not look away from our reflection. We look so…right. Thought we probably aren't. His pace quickens as his intensity heightens. He's moderately pounding me, I'm bouncing off his thrusts his hands pull me back to him. Finally he gives me what I want…sound. I hear him groaning, see him clinching his teeth. He takes time to turn us so we aren't looking into the glass head on. To see ourselves we both have to look to the right. I can see all of me and all of him. I can see where we are connected, see him sliding in and out of me, I drop down to my elbows he looks down. I had no clue what he was looking at until he put his thumb in his mouth and sucked it. Then he looked at me in the reflection, I watched his hand go to my ass, felt his thumb massaging then slipping into my rosebud. He continued to fuck me with his thumb buried inside me. Then he withdrew from me completely, I gasped at the sudden emptiness. The head of his cock soon probes where his thumb was. "Relax…let me in." he purred, my body reacts immediately opening for him. I moaned low and long as his cock slid ever so slowly into me. Once all the way inside he leaned over me prompting me to lay down flat on my stomach as he laid on top of me.
    Once there he reached up and entwined his hands with mine kissed my shoulder then slowly moved in and out of me. I felt so full so connected to him. Shivers ran up and down my spine, his heat radiated through me. I'm still watching us it looks so damn good us skin to skin, him grinding into me all while he melts me with his stare. I look into his eyes, then back to his movements, then back to his eyes…I don't know which one I like best. I know I love the feeling of him moving within me touching all the sensitive parts of me. I'm shaking and I cant stop it nor do I want to. I have no idea how he keeps his composure so under wraps…but I'm coming undone. Then I notice something. His eyes glaze over, he stills within me, totally relaxed, his body resting on mine…then I feel the slightest flutter in my gut. A second later the explosion occurs. He closes his eyes moaning my name…I hate my name…but he doesn't…says it turns him on. "Look at me…" I plead…I don't have it in me to order anything. His eyes open and not only can I feel his bliss I see it too. I squeeze my anus around him milking him making him groan and moan deeply as he super o's over and over again inside me. I feel each and every one like a strong current of electricity moving from him to me and back again. His orgasms set off orgasms inside me that trigger more within him. The epitome of a vicious but oh so rewarding cycle.
    A strong urge to be able to look into his eyes courses through me. "i want to look into your eyes…" I manage to say to him. He leaned up on his knees, and flips me over all while remaining buried inside me. Then he lays down on my chest and looks into my eyes. The saying of be careful what you wish for comes to mind. I wrap my legs around him, he wraps his arms around me, then he begins to move inside me. I blink slowly wondering if he is a dream. Surely and experience so divine cant be real. My eyes lock onto his, he stares back intently. His stroke is determined and purposeful. I feel him becoming more and more engorged…thickening lengthening…veins bulging deep within me. I'm so worked up I'm trembling, this has become a ride full of one orgasm after the other. Rollercoasters have nothing on this man, his climaxes know no boundaries. Just as soon as you think you've recovered…another thrill awaits. How he makes me feel both ends of a spectrum keeps me in awe of him. I feel so powerful because I have him just as enthralled as I am, however I feel so helpless with no defense against his virility. I don't want to defend myself from him there is no need, its the reason my orgasms with him are so effortless. No barriers, no guards, no reservations, just pure energetic passion.
    Suddenly I'm catapulted back to the present by his husky voice chanting my name. I remember a long time ago he told me that sometimes in order to get there he does that. For ejaculation to come he needs to say my name over and over. I hate my name but he makes it sound so precious to him. As if he adores saying it, maybe even adores me…its endearing. I feel myself creeping up that climactic hill again with every decibel of his voice. He's rhythmic pounding very much like a train steady, deliberate, and powerful chugging away we'll be pulling into the station soon. Then the dam breaks he explodes inside me filling me with hot creamy man milk. I orgasm in spasms around his pulsating cock for what seems like forever though I'm sure it was only seconds. "I thought you were sick…???" I ask…"I thought I was too…but you might have cured me." he mumbles breathlessly after his head collapsed on my chest. "I don't think the doctor told you to fuck me then call him in the morning…"

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