• Nippleland

    I have just had a strange 30 or just over minutes.
    I was sitting on the bed watching a DVD.
    Nothing remotely sexy, just a film.
    I felt a desire to play with my nipples.
    Sitting up while playing delivered the best sensation.
    I could feel a pressure build up just above where my neck and skull meet.
    It got quite intense. I can still feel it now.
    If I lay back on the bed the pressure went away but the nipple sensation remained.
    I could not stop.
    This continued for about half an hour.
    I stopped in the end because my arms ached at the elbows.
    I went for a walk down the street.
    My t shirt continued the sensation.
    As I sit here the draught from the fan continues the feeling.
    As tonight is the full moon and also the Vernal Equinox perhaps this is the reason.
    I will continue later tonight with my Ice..

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      10/01/2010at10:47 pm

      Sexy stuff!

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