• Nipple stim and patience

    Hello, all.
    I have some pretty promising news today. A couple of days ago after a dud session I decided to see just how far I could go with nipple stimulation alone. I have never been one to go to my nipples for sexual pleasure but I have always heard people in the forums raving about it. So I decided to just concentrate and give it a shot. )It probably helps that it had been 4 days since my last orgasm(
    Well, anyways. Long story short, I actually got pretty damned close to having an orgasm just by playing with my nipples! I was quite surprised with the results. I believe it is a true sign of my ongoing rewiring process. I can't wait to actually achieve orgasm with nipple play alone! One day it will happen, I'm sure of it
    On to my latest aneros session: This morning I realized just how much a good break between sessions can be. I had been usually having sessions everyday but took a break yesterday. The results were pretty great! Most of my sessions have been duds lately but this morning I had great feelings throughout my genital area with a distinctly greater sensitivity of my prostate. I could feel every subtle stroke of my progasm, it was quite good.
    At one point when I rolled onto my side I found that I had some really great involuntary contractions! The contractions were perfectly timed to increase my arousal and I was simply taken on a ride. But, alas, it only lasted 30 seconds or so… Anyways, it was a great session overall and a sign that I should play things a little slower with a couple of days between sessions for the best results.

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