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    Catching up on my blog.
    A little about me I am turning 64 in a few weeks. 6' and 235 lbs slimming down :(
    I could not wait for solo time so when the wife went to sleep I prepared and had a session with my buddy ice and it ended up continuing all night and I slept in a bit because I didn't want to stop. Nothing more than the p-waves and great starts toward something bigger but very nice. I showered up about 9 am and continue to have P-waves for the next hour non-stop bliss. Out to lunch with Mom and the wife and I am riding my bottom so good one right after the other. Things calmed down after 7-8 hours and left me very satisfied. I did Vaseline the device prior to lube and it is the only way to go. Thank you all for the great advice. Very comforting to know all like minded folks are here.

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