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    Fancied a change recently and decided to get some vibrating beads to add to my collection of aneros toys. Tried a few positions ect but ended up doggy style but angling downwards and with three of the beads in me and one outside my hole had the vibe on slowest speed ,my muscles started kicking in after a bit and starting sucking the last bead in like a lollipop ,man this felt good my inner and outer sphincters were slowly contracting the beads across my anal canal and the vibes were also flowing up and down me it built up till my sphincter started pulsing and convulsing on the beads i was screaming in rapture over and over my anal canal was exploding .In the end I had to stop i was exhausted ,first time i’ve used a vibrating toy and never expected the beads to act like a massager I think the vibes really help trigger the anal orgasms as I have had them before with the tempo but not so quickly.

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      08/26/2017at4:30 pm

      Thanks for sharing your awesome experience! The anal cavity is a highly sensitive area waiting to be discovered and awakened! Some of my best feelings have come from within the area with various tools and also without them. Patience and practice can awaken this area and provide an earthshaking experience!

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