• New Revelations

    So I lie here with my Progasm Ice in reflecting on what have been an eye-opening couple of days. Until last night I'd not ejaculated since Tuesday, instead I've been focusing on Aneros use.
    Thursday night I used the Eupho Syn again, along with the reverse kegals method. It was as successful as a session can be without a Super-O. Again I experience the pumping/cumming feeling with some accompanying precum.
    Friday I went for something a little bigger and chose the Helix Syn which has been neglected a little because of my love for the Eupho Syn. However I was in for a really pleasurable surprise. Again I went with reverse kegals, my prostate loved it. Very soon I was extremely erect, my cock twitching around as the HS thrust in and out dancing a loving tango on my prostate. The auto-fucking took up most of the session, again lots of precum (for me), and that exquisite prostate clench. The pump lasted only a split second but I'm hopeful for more in subsequent sessions.
    On sat I had a joint session with my wife. It was amazing, I had the helix in and was extremely aroused when I inserted due to the sight of my wife in a state of obvious arousal at my suggestion. We used the wedding band position, me using her magic wand on her, seeing her excitement build as her vaginal lubricant began to ooze from her. This had the prostate swell dramatic and soon my cock was harder than I ever thought possible, straining in the skin, it felt good to burst. After she came she grabbed the wand and placed it on my perineum, the feeling was unreal, I felt extremely close to cumming. My precum began to flow and it was then I felt her tongue licking up every drop.
    I moved her atop of me in the 69 position and worked an arm free so I work her G spot as I licked her excited clit to another orgasm. At this point I lay back, letting her hands caress my whole body. My legs began to shake and my glutes contracted causing me to buck up. I felt an orgasmic buildup beginning. It crept closer and closer then I felt it hit. At this point she could take no more and got on top of my erect twitching cock. It was mind-blowing feeling her hot, wet and swollen vagina engulf me. I grabbed at her ass as she thrust into me over and over. It didn't take long for me to be completely overwhelmed at what I was experiencing, I knew a Super-T was imminent. I exploded into her for what seemed like minutes, my prostate pumping and excited by the toy.
    However this was not the end, I stayed hard and again lay back letting the helix slowly stroke my prostate throughout still very excited. My wife was worn out but lay in my arms as I continued to ride until I feel asleep.
    Which brings me to today. I've wanted to tryout the ice with the reverse Kegal method.
    My legs are up and shaking dramatically, the toy feels so silky smooth and the p-tab is pressing into my sweet spot perfectly. I have a feeling things this is going to be good.

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