• New exciting sensations from the intersection of a jock, cup, and Aneros! February 28 session

    Hi guys,
    Earlier this morning I decided on doing something new to bring verve and excitement to my Aneros sessions. Following, I believe, @goldenboy’s example, this morning I had an Aneros session while wearing a jock and cup. The sensations produced from this configuration were overwhelming to say the least.
    I wore a Champion Sports jock and cup combo. The cup itself is not as roomy as the Shock Doctor Ultra Flex Cup or the Mueller Cup that goldenboy prefers to wear. The Champion Sports cup has a rather thick gasket which makes it really comfortable. Its cup holder jock has the natural elasticity of a jockstrap.
    I had a fairly leisurely session this morning with MGX, Maximus, and Progasm ICE which lasted about 1.5 hours. All I can say that this jock and cup magnified several fold the sensations engendered by my three Aneros tools. Also I had to Kegel ever so often through this session. That action made even better!
    At the end of the session, I was left with vibrant, powerful Aless that was out of this world. This Aless so sweet continues at this writing a good five hours after the early morning session and will continue until nightfall. Take care!
    P.S. at 12:19 p.m. I just finished reading some of @goldenboy’s blog entries and his most recent interactions with me as our most recent blogging. Yes, he wears a jock and “chastity’ cup to keep his hands off his cock in his Aneros sessions. Reading this, confirms what I did early this morning is on par! However, I would caution other Aneros users from doing what goldenboy and I in our sessions unless they are fully rewired. Remember “Penis not!”

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      02/28/2018at7:55 pm

      @BigGlansDC For me, wearing a jockstrap/”chastity” cup to bed makes sense. During my night-time erections, it magnifies the feelings from my erections. Sometimes, it wakes me up. It is then that I may decide to have a session, since I am already greatly aroused. A winning combination! PS
      Your use of the term “Aneros foreplay” is unique!

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