Over the past 10 days or so, I have had so new experiences that make me think I've made it past the "Newbie" stage.
    A week ago, Saturday night, I took to my rooftop deck to watch the Perseid meteor shower, realizing that the chances of a clear, hazeless sky were nil, but hoping nonetheless. So it wouldn't be a total loss, I went up with my Helix in and lay on a lounge chair. This was a good idea and, though I only saw 6 of the brightest stars thru the haze and 4 meteors over 2 and 1/2 hours, I quickly began to feel the P waves )?Perseid waves( and ended up "seeing stars". I then went in and lay on a mat laid on a bed in a spare room with my butt over the edge, but on the mat and I have found that to be consistently effective in getting things going. A 45 minute nonstop series of exquisite peaks of pleasure happened with the "Do nearly nothing" technique.
    The major change in my experience has been my nipples "coming alive". With the Aneros in, they become amazingly sensitive and each brush or stroke or flick I feel right down there. I have tried the same without the Aneros in or after a session and it is not the same. That is, until last night )the 19th(, when I began my first aneros-less session with careful light nipple strokes and felt milder but definite stimulation down there. I quit after 30 min, because I needed some sleep.
    BTW, the night after my meteoric session, Sunday night, the 13th, I went out with two of my youngest son and his wife and my son in law to a great dark sky site and we saw plenty of "falling stars" while I gave them a tour of the summer sky with my laser pointer and binocs.
    Now, when I insert the Helix Syn, I almost immediately feel the pulsation of my anus and I just let that go. No longer have to prime the rhythmic contractions )clonus(. A session later in the week, was short, and I used it as a primer for lovemaking with my wife. Simply superb!
    Two nights ago, I arrived to my destination after an 11 hour overseas flight, a connecting flight and a two hour drive, capped off by 5 hours working. I thought I'd be too tired, but the Helix beckoned and I had an all nighter. After the first hour of rapidly ascending to intense P waves, I fell asleep only to wake up an hour later to the urge, and the rest was the most exciting session I have had. Over an hour of Super O's one after another. I have found my Aneros sessions remarkably devoid of sexual imagery, and have not used porn before, during or after, but this time I felt I had to have a "wet one" even though I don't like to, in general. With the Helix in, I lay in the bathtub and let the shower fall on my groin area and I'm telling you, it was wild–a sustained dry organism in the wettest of situations.
    I had over an hour of dry O's and almost Super Os that night, each with a subtle difference. Most of them were "do nothings" and a few were more active or even frantic, but all were just wow.
    I still have much to learn–only with great concentration could I make the pleasure spread from my nether parts to other parts of my body, but I didn't have the whole body experience that I've read about.
    I'll have another 10 days away from home, and hope that I'll learn lots more about how to go with the flow and direct the pleasure.
    Oh, and about the next opportunity to watch meteors and engage your Aneros under the stars: those of you who live in the US or Europe, the next meteor shower, in November )the Leonids( will not be conducive to laying outside on a lounge chair just lightly covered up. But I should be able to, unless it's raining…and then, I won't be outside.
    Reach for the stars, and meteors!!

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      10/07/2015at2:34 pm

      I do mostly Aless sessions, and I use nipple stim all the time. For me in my experience I do 10-15 min of PC contractions till I start feeling pwaves, then start touching my nipples to spark DOs.
      Being able to start DOs Alessly this way has been super reliable.
      I usually don't just rub the nips. More like I tease them. Rub around 'em and them rub the nipple. Explodes pwaves sometimes. Or I use someone else's advice her and trace a star shape with my nipple in the center, straying off the nipple then back on, over and over. Seems that the on/off movements give a stronger response.
      Finally, my prostate starts to swell, and I have pwaves with every groin move, then I start to have A-Less DOs over and over.
      Thanks for relating all your experiences in the air and for publiching those exercises by Chuck!
      I had one Super-O sort of as a mistake once, so enjoy every tip along the way to finding them more frequently.
      – ltg

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