• Nap time

    I didn't get much sleep last night )see previous blob entry( as I had to wake up earlier to take care of some items. By the time I was done, it was 11:00am and I was pretty tired. I needed to take a nap and decided to take one of my Aneros friends with me. I figured the Helix Syn would be the more comfortable of the two I own, so that's the one I chose. After inserting, I laid down on my right side )my usual sleeping side( and quickly fell asleep. I woke up around 1:30pm to a very mild 'itch' in my butt. It felt pleasant enough, so I decided to end my nap and see what was in store for me.
    Roll onto my back with knees up )my usual Aneros position(. I skipped the breathing exercises since I was already quite accustomed to it being inside me. Starting with a low-level baseline contraction for a couple minutes and then slowly increased it. Did this for about 45 min and it produced some nice feelings, but no P-Waves or orgasms. I really felt like I had to pee and didn't think it was the Aneros causing it, so I went to the BR to take care of that. Since I had to take the Helix out anyway to pee, I decided I was going to switch to the Vice for the rest of the session.
    Had to do the usual breathing/warmup exercises until the Vice felt comfortable. Played around with different contractions )vibrator off( and it was feeling much better than with the Helix. About 30 min in, I got the Vice in a position that felt quite pleasurable and held it there. While it wasn't producing an orgasm, it still felt really nice. I decided that, while holding it in this position, I was going to turn on the vibration. I turned it on to Low-Steady and was immediately rewarded with a rush of pleasure. It was a small orgasm, but for some reason it felt especially nice. I played around some more with this same vibration level and again for the Vice in a position that felt nice, but I didn't think would advance any farther. I again tried to hold this contraction while increasing the vibration to Medium-Steady. Unfortunately, wasn't able to hold the contraction and had to start over. Didn't take long to get to what I thought was the same position and was rewarded with several mild to moderate orgasms.
    Move on to High-Steady with pretty much the same results as before. I thing that I was doing this time that I hadn't previously is sometimes loosening my contraction when I felt something coming on instead of increasing it. In some cases, this produced much better results. During the last 30 minutes, I experimented to holding strong contractions. I've done this before with mixed results, but this time was much different. Doing this produced a number of very strong orgams, rolling one after another. Around 15-20 total. I would have kept at it if I hadn't needed to stop. These were among the strongest orgasms I've had with the Aneros and I'm hoping I can find this spot again in future sessions.

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