• My thoughts on male chastity, and jockstraps and athletic cups, and Nov. 21 session

    Hi guys,
    For many months now, we have been regaled by @goldenboy’s prolific blogs entries on Aneros, sex, jocks and cups, erotic dreams and waking fantasies, semen retention (SR), and male chastity which he lives out by wearing a jock and cup to bed. He calls athletic cups, “chastity” cups, a concept I find intriguing.
    I have been pondering and reflecting on male chastity for many months now. It seems that there are least two types of male chastity: (1) religious or ascetic chastity, and (2) erotic chastity for the purpose of enhancing a guy’s sexuality either individually or as one in a marital relationship with a wife.
    When I think of male chastity in a religious or ascetic sense, I think of the monastic life either in a Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox sense. In the Roman Catholic Church, you have religious orders and the clergy. Men joining such have swear three vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. It was believed for many centuries by that church that masturbation and conjugal sexual relations prevented men from living out a devoted life to God and church.
    In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or Mormon church, married couples have to swear to the Law of Chastity, thus allowing a life of utter devotion to marriage (one man, one woman) and the LDS Church.
    In the Eastern religions of Hinduism and Buddhism also have religious orders which enjoin chastity on its members. Chastity allows monks and nuns in those faiths to live out the ascetic life with the goal of achieving Union (Yoga) with the Divine (Brahman in Hinduism) or achieving Nirvana in Buddhism. Many years ago, I saw photographs of mostly naked Hindu boys aspiring to join the monastic, ascetic life and become yogis. They wore metal chastity cups which prevented them from masturbating. Also married Hindu men believe that masturbation risks the loss of manly sexual vigor through the needless emission of semen. They try to conserve their semen for procreative purposes.
    Living a life of chastity also has a rightful place among men, even boys, who live a secular life out in the world. On Aneros Forum, one hears the 21 Day Challenge of Semen Retention (SR). Various Aneros directions for use, even the Aneros Wiki, recommend that one not have a masturbation session with results in an ejaculatory climax of semen a day or so before an Aneros sessions. I have found over the years that refraining from masturbation does increase in me sexual vigor. After all, male chastity is also called sexual continence. I certainly feel horny when I refrain from masturbation long term. However, many experienced masturbators enjoy jacking their cocks and enjoying surfing the waves of edging to the point of ejaculatory inevitability or the Point-of-No-Return (PONR). Through edging, a guy develops ejaculatory control as a means of sexually satisfying his partner first, before shooting his cum load. When I do masturbate, I enjoy surfing and edging as long of possible. When I finally do shoot my cum, it is most copious and creamy, and my orgasms are fairly long, but it is all so sweet.
    As regards, jocks and cups, I have always regarded then as quintessentially erotic items. Wearing an athletic cup brings out in me my male virility! Athletic cups nowadays either are worn in a tunnel pouch or holder of a jockstrap or compression shorts. The elasticity of the cup jock or compression shorts compounds the effectiveness of Kegel Exercises while wearing a cup. Most athletic cups now have an elongated, contoured banana shape so as to contain a guy’s penis and testicles comfortably. Most state-of-the-art protective cups are long enough to cover a guy’s perineum or taint. Hence they tend to tuck under a guy’s scrotum thus offering more total protection. Performing the Kegels causes my cup to massage my perineum. It is all so sweet, especially when I wear a jock and cup to bed at night!
    We here in DC in late autumn have had some weeks of slightly below normal temperatures in 30’s or 40’s during mornings when I usually have Aneros sessions. The cold weather has lessened the frequency of my sessions.
    This morning I had an usual session with my Aneros Full Court Press of models: Eupho Classic, Helix Classic, MGX, Maximus, and Progasm ICE. I have gotten to the point that I just let go and let my Aneros tools do the work for me automatically in a smooth, deft manner. My relaxed, deep, rhythmic breathing and my natural Kegels power the massage action of my tools. Oh yes, diddling my nipples adds fuel to my session! I just sit back and enjoy. My session this morning lasted 1.25 hours. Right now I have Aless which just purrs and just loves to interact my occasional Kegels. My Aless is strong and vibrant, yet all sweet! Take care!


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      12/13/2017at10:35 am

      @BigGlansDC Nice to see your post! And thanks for the tip! I enjoy reading about your journey again. It’s been a while… I’ve had some groin irritation lately and have suspended sleeping in my “chastity cups” for a while. I miss them! But there are other pleasures to be had during the night! For one, the night-time erections can be felt and seen more! And I was so aroused about 4 AM, that I had a great session with my SGX! I lost track of the time but I think it was a full hour. My Aless is so subtle but persistent (I am in Day 8 of SR); I know my prostate is “ready to fire”!

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      12/13/2017at11:38 am

      @goldenboy, I think you are suffering a case of jock itch from wearing your “chastity cups” to bed at night. If so, get yourself medicated powder or ointment to bring your jock itch under control. It is customary for athletes and others who wear jockstraps, jock cup holders, and compression shorts to launder them once a week or every two weeks. Also, since you practice male chastity or sexual continence, I love your expression of your prostate “ready for fire!” in day 8 of your SR! 🙂

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