• My Response to Lingaman's 01/07/2014 Blog Entry ["Her Orgasm Delivered with Love"]

    Just read Ligaman's terrific erotic entry of January 7th, and responded as follows:
    ["Lingham –
    DUDE! What a beautiful and erotic post. Surely the giving of pleasure is a most satisfying amplifier of the giver's own bliss on our journey to ecstasy.
    I firmly believe sex is a god-given gift, meant to convey spiritual truth, and to put ecstasy well within the reach of each of us. However, as a glue in intimate relationships, particularly the intimacy in our conjugal relationships, this gift is designed for us to communicate with passion the excitement of profound pleasure and erotic arousal, and its fulfilment to our significant others.
    I just now read your great blog post, and commend you for it. I found it moving and arousing. Like you I'm a grownup married guy and have been blessed with a libido that motivates me in positive directions. I also work and have children, all four )mostly( at least somewhat on their own and out of the house. In spite of a modestly conservative demeanor, I've considered myself open and sophisticated in matters of sex, but was totally naive regarding my prostate, anus and breasts as sources or channels of erotic pleasure, although I understood and accepted that others were less penocentric than myself.
    It was not until the fall of 2010 that I obtained a Progasm Classic and began in earnest to attempt rewiring. At the same time I incorporated my nipples and, of course, my asshole into my solo sexual activities. The rest is history, but the journey continues.
    I believe you stated in one of your posts or chats that you were concerned that your conjugal relations might suffer as a result of the expansion of your own horizons. I shared the same concern, but quickly discovered that rewiring, and the experiences related thereto, have actually increased my ardor and libido, both of which I felt at the time were already pretty optimal!
    Moreover, the wakening of my previously dormant bi-intrigued and m2m-intrigued interests, have in no way decreased my love of women )in particular my wife(, or for pussy. I could wank to your blog post, mate.
    You should consider writing porn for Literotica!
    Thanks for the post."] – rip

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