• My prostate and anal musculature are muscled dynamos of sexual sweetness

    Hi guys,

    Wednesday September 4, yesterday, @fred27, posted a questionnaire on how we conduct our individual Aneros sessions.

    That questionnaire caused me to serious thinking and reflection overnight last night.

    As many of you know, I started my Aneros journey early Sunday  evening, June 3, 2012, with Classic Helix Syn. I added other Classic models to my sessions such as Maximus, Progasm, Progasm ICE, Helix, Progasm Jr, and MGX. They served me well over the years.

    In September 2016, I had major breakthroughs with Super-O’s and MMO’s which enabled me to fathom experiences of Aneros sweetness. In January and February 2017, I discovered the power of nipple stimulation or diddling. Since then, I enjoy diddling my nipples just about every night. I don’t actually diddle my nipples the whole night. Like everybody else, I have to get a good night’s sleep every night. I just diddle my nipples for a few minutes. That turns on and revs up my prostate.

    Guys nipples while smaller than those of women are amazingly sensitive. Yes, they appear small. They are surrounded by fleshly aureoles which also are small. You do not have to diddle your nipples in aggressive fashion. That can be counterproductive. Just use soft, deft strokes back and forth your nipples or encircle them on their aureoles with a finger or two. They will become erect. In fact, they resemble a guy’s penis which does indeed become erect through all sorts of stimulation or even by just thinking about when he’s horny. A guy’s nipple resembles a guy’s cockshaft and Glans rolled into one. However many guys do not realize this or have experienced the sweetness of their nipples that have been awakened.

    So guys with sexually awakened nipples experience exquisite sexual sweetness. They also experience that their awakened nipples when diddled have with their genitalia, namely their perineum, the base of their scrotum, various parts of their cockshaft, and the various parts of their cockhead or Glans. That has been my definite experience every since my Aneros breakthroughs in September 2016.

    This vital connection between my nipples and my genitalia I have experienced in various ways, as I have said, since September 2016.
    However, one night in bed a few days ago, I experienced that every stroke across and around my nipples is mirrored or even reinforced in my genitals. It is all so sweet and makes me glad that I am a man, even at seventy years old!

    Earlier this week, early Labor Day morning and at the same hour the next day, I had a session first with MGX and then Helix Syn. I Kegeled some with both models. My Kegeling was not forced, but naturally done. I focused upon both models massaging my bunghole and my prostate. Both sessions lasted 30 minutes a piece. Afterwards, I quickly cleaned and dressed for the day. That was when exquisite Aless kicked for the rest of the day.

    However, it is only at night that I can focus upon my nipple diddling and its effect upon my anal canal and my genitalia. That is what I want to do when I retire to bed tonight. Take care!

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