• My Only Regret (Nov 2017)

    After several years of using Aneros, I have started to have regular prostate pleasure, and every nth time, I would get to a dry orgasm, a mental orgasm, or even a SuperO. It was always difficult to find time for sessions, but I slowly and surely built upon each session to keep progressing. The first time I had a SuperO, I was on the couch in the living room after coming back from college. It seemed to transition from a dry orgasm into a screaming orgasm that I could not believe was happening. I lay there exhausted afterwards and felt that I have found something amazing to have in my life. My partner was never interested in trying, so I stopped talking about it afterwards. I kept going, and taking notes from each solo session. I also became more open to trying other toys, nipple stimulation, and manual prostate massage. I wanted to try everything over the years that followed.

    My only regret in my journey was never having experienced a HFWO, not from sex with my partner, from Aneros or from manual prostate play. I guess it is not meant to be, but I have surely kept trying and it seemed sometimes that I would come so close. I rode the edge of what seemed to be a near ejaculatory event through anal sex, Warpmymind hypnosis, manual nipple play, using a dildo, an nJoy wand, a fucking machine, eStim, and a Theragun.

    The biggest success (if you can call it that) came randomly from reading about it and squeezing my penis very hard between my thighs so that there was very minor stimulation to the corona. Semen finally spurted out, but with all this effort, I don’t believe that it was a true HFWO. The first time I have used Theragun was also a minor success, I sat on it at the edge of the bed and I came, but felt overstimulated and sore afterwards. Another time, when I invested a lot into eStim equipment after watching all the videos, including a massive eStim anal plug, pads, rings and good quality machine, I managed to ejaculate. But I had to use all of this equipment on the maximum setting and I felt no orgasmic pleasure from it, unlike the videos online. It was more shock and pain than pleasure.

    I guess you can say that I still have an HFWO envy! But sometimes, hanging off the edge and trying is also fun, even if it seems impossible. And it helps me realize that maybe Aneros is all that I need, as I can still have mindblowing super orgasms from it.

    However, if there’s anything I haven’t tried that can lead to HFWO (that doesn’t involve penis stimulation), then shout and I will report on it here!


    Comments: Clenchy
    04/30/2022 at 3:38 pm

    The only times I’ve managed to HFWO was by tensing up really hard, and holding it… the effort required to hold this contraction became immense (I was shaking trying to hold it), but it lead right into an ejaculation. I can’t describe the contraction, except to say it was in my pelvic area, and somehow I recognized it as a push towards ejaculation. Maybe it’s a contraction I was familiar with from traditional masturbation, I couldn’t say. I think I might have been stiffening my whole body too towards the end.

    I haven’t tried to repeat it, because the orgasm wasn’t much to write home about, and it was a pretty standard ejaculation. It wasn’t worth the effort, but I definitely understand the novelty of wanting to ejaculate hands-free. I’d do it much more often if I could somehow narrow down the contraction involved.


    Comment: Orionking
    07/31/2022at3:09 am

    Sorry doncejankiu, I am one of those who end up most of his sessions with an unwanted hfwo and I haven’t read many posts on
    the blogs. Still I don’t understand where you miss it… just keep surfing on the edge with the aneros inserted, keep
    using any means that make yourself more and more aroused without touching penis, the device will stroke (woluntarly with anal or
    PC muscle contractions) your prostate and eventually – to me- orgasm comes with an unwanted ejaculation. I believe simply because I perform a prostate milking, all muscles down there got strong over the years practicing kegels. (Other tip: https://mindgasm.net/).
    Where do you stop in this process? To me, this is the biggest stop towards multiples or a superO, and this is my regret.
    Have you read any of Mantak Chia’s book about this subject? It might help. Cheers
    I suppose a HFWO is not always helpful for Aneros play. Those that have it say they are tired of ending all their sessions with one, and those that don’t – always want to experience it.

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