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    I was up til the wee hours chit-chattering my brains out with the most silly nonsense with dj and brine, the after-hours club. I finally closed the lid of my laptop thinking I would go to sleep. I was curious about how my body would respond to the severely modified MGX, no p-tab or handle ring. And how the Tantric prana exercises which I learned yesterday would affect me. So I played with moving energy around with no-touch, and with concentrating energy in my abdomen. I felt the prana or energy follow my no-contact hands like nothing I've ever experienced. It is a new super power for me. I'm reminded of a childhood dream about my grandfather walking around with his hands extended and rays coming from them onto the trees and plants. He was a great gardener. So I finally fall into a deep sleep and wake up at dawn, feeling very good. Wave after wave of sweet contractions with a rolling sense of pleasure, the most intense and longest series of dry orgasms yet. So this is what they were talking about! I still had to give the contractions a push start occasionally, but they kept on coming for hours. This time I felt the presence of some of the men here, thinking about me, caring about me, encouraging me, knowing me at some deep level. I kind of got concerned thinking that men were talking about me behind my back but decided that they meant me no harm. I've had some bad experiences with men in my life. I haven't much noticed this kind of presence before, mostly my own empathic feelings about certain men. Some of the men touching me I didn't even know. It wasn't a vision as much as a thought. I imagined what they were saying. At last I really needed to get back to sleep but found it impossible because of the pleasure. I took out the MGX with great difficulty because my ass didn't want to let go, knows a good thing. But the orgasms continued and seemed to be escalating the more I tried to quiet my body. I started feeling my ass, my anus, perineum, scrotum, looking for the"off" switch. Unfortunately unlike Data, I don't come with that feature. So I decided to just cup and hold my balls and dick, my old friends, which I usually find comforting. I was afraid my dick would get the wrong idea but he behaived and the orgasms slowly passed. I never did get back to sleep but it was worth it!

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