• My most successful position?

    Hello again, nothing major to report unfortunately. This week I have decided to start cutting back on traditional orgasms to once a week or so to improve my arousal levels. Hopefully it gives me the extra push I need to make it further.
    My past few sessions have been forgettable but I did experiment with a new position. I tried lying on my left side with my right leg bent up and left leg straight. I got really good prostate simulation at this angle. It was surprising that it is only really working now even though I have certainly tried that position before… Whatever, it was pleasant while it lasted with a hint of a mini o that I get rarely, so I must have done something right!
    Btw, I should mention these nice little "micro" o's I have been experiencing about twice a month. Occasionally I build up with lots of good prostate contact and feel a slight jolt of pleasure that usually is the precursor of an orgasm. It is only like half a throb so I don't even graduate it to mini o status but it definitely feels like I'm headed the right direction.

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      12/11/2012at10:43 am

      Thanks for your blog, very well written. I can identify with your journey!

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