• My Most Enjoyable Session So Far

    Most Enjoyable Session So Far
    Like many others I m seeing less progress than I had hoped for with my Aneros. Especially recently in the last 2 months I have become disheartened, feeling less than when I first started Anerising at the beginning of this year. Even though I tried to have 2-4 sessions a week, most of which were full overnight sessions.
    A break of three weeks for holidays has seen me eager to rekindle my relationship with my Helix Syn. Sexual energy has been building up in my body this last week but due to a "crook" back I was unable to make use of this energy. My wife who would certainly disprove of my prostate massaging and milking decided to sleep in the spare bedroom so that I wouldn't disturb her sleep. Yesterday my back seemed to be back to normal so I was looking forward to a night of self pleasuring. In the morning, to prepare for this I trimmed my pubic hair very short and shaving my scrotum and perinium as I often do. I just hate pubes and love to be smooth! I did the same with my chest hair and razored around the edges to reduce the area of chest hair, yucky stuff. I the gain a lot of pleasure from the act of trimming and shaving and just love to feel smooth and hair free . I then decided to shave around the edges of my pubic patch to make it smaller. Anyway the area of unshaved became smaller and smaller until I thought "F" it and shaved it all off.
    All day I was looking forward to experiencing an evening of self pleasuring and by night time I was becoming impatient. My wife decide she would have an early night and she went off to the other bedroom. I showered and shaved off a few stragglers and did my armpits which I had forgotten to do in the morning. Stepping out of the shower I hurriedly towelled of and started to dress for bed. Dressing for bed you ask? Well I do. Ever since I was a boy I have been attracted to wearing sexy underwear. It can be male or female, as long as it is soft, sexy looking and erotic, I love to wear it. I find it sexually stimulating and exciting. I must admit that I like the feminine styles best and accept that I just like to Cross Dress. Lubing up my Aneros with a generous amount of lube, I inserted it. Oh what a nice comforting feeling to have it in me again after so long without it. Withdrawing it I applied more lube and reinserted it. My anus took over and started to almost involuntarily suck it in and expel it, continuing to do so as I revelled in the feeling of it sliding smoothly in and out of my well lubricated anus. I had the feeling that this was going to be a very enjoyable night. I put on a nice pair of peach coloured bikini panties with a matching camisole and looked at my image in the mirror. I probably look ridiculous but all I could see was a nice figure in a cute camisole with hardened little nipples jutting out from man breasts behind soft material. Satisfied with my appearance I gave my self a caress or two and walked to the bedroom with a delicious feeling of the tail of the Aneros squishing against my butt cheeks and climbed into bed.
    When sleeping with my wife I was concerned about "leakage" and being unable to place anything under me I had to use less lube than I would like to and wear a pair of panties under my pyjamas. Tonight would be different. I placed a doubled up towel underneath me and had lubed up to the maximum without using an applicator syringe.
    Lying on my back I pulled the sheet up over me. I adjusted my panties so that the top elastic was just over the base of my penis so that my flaccid penis was resting totally free and against my pubis.. Spreading my legs I raise my knees a little, rested my hands palm down on either side, but not touching my penis and started my Anerising. It was great to feel the Helix Syn sliding in and out of me, ever so slowly. It was such a comforting and pleasant feeling as the Helix slid backwards and forwards over my prostate. On each out push I could feel it as it slipped past my anus, my panties holding it in in case I became too enthusiastic and expelled it completely.
    I tried various positions, back, left side and right side. Each felt good. The only position I didn't try was face down as I am not a really big fan of it. I tossed and turned, all the time concentrating my mind on the sensations emanating from my prostate. I kicked the sheets off. I discarded my panties and I relubed three times during my session which lasted about two hours. At intervals I checked my penis. For the most part it was flaccid and there was frequently a pool on my pubis. Occasionally, without touching it I could feel it beginning to harden. Usually at that time I was feeling a slightly different, stretching sensation in my anus. At one time my sac became cold and I had to cradle it in my hand to warm it up.
    Overall, this session although not outstanding from the point of view that I was still not able yet to achieve the "nirvana" of a super orgasm, I felt sustained beautiful sensations for much of the session this result has revitalised my interest and given me hope and I am determined to continue to practice to reach higher states.
    Today I felt like a bitch on heat and couldn't wait to plug in so I once again lubed up and plugged in while I went about some jobs around the house. It was great but after a couple of hours I began to feel a little tender so out it came…… Until tonight! Got to have another session while I feel so hot.

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