• My First Week

    I am normally an introvert and don’t like to put myself out there (specially with this topic) but I do now in hopes that someone can get something out of my journey with my Aneos and to also keep the blogs and forums thriving with new interaction. I bought my first Aneros which was the Helix Classic in 2015 through Amazon. For the past couple of years I have had it in hiding until recently has I couldn’t get anything out of it. I tried leaving it in and walking around with it, laying down with it, sleeping with it in until I gave up because of no effect. That changed when I started reading the forums online and found a post about not having it inserted to the T-Line which I kept doing. It recommended putting it in half way and let your body put it where it wants. After I tried that, that is where my experience turned around and my week took off.

    Dud First Session (Before I read about proper inserting).

    My Second:Day:
    I laid on my back in bed with my knees up, lubed my hole with a medicine dropper with water based lube and put some lube on the Helix. I laid there and did kegels in groups of ten (not holding them long) and between each group belly breathing. That’s when my legs started to twitch and twitch they did. For about an hour my legs would twitch off and on and I would let out a moan once in a while. Then it all stopped randomly and that was the session.

    My Third Day:
    Same format as my first session except this time my legs started shaking and then it moved to my whole body and the moaning just got more and more intense this session. I have figured out that when I start moaning that it is going to be a fun ride. I played with my nipples during this as I have been every session and my whole body tensed up with my arms over my head and I let out a large moan and I felt like I cum but I didn’t and then that was the end of the session. I think I hyperventilated from moaning so much during that session as my face and arms got numb during it.

    At this point after two mind blowing sessions compared to the nothing happened sessions years prior I wanted to let people know not to give up and it is the best experience ever so I posted on the forums and browsed around the forums on how to make it even better as I was hooked. Someone commented on my post that the best is yet to come which added to my already being horny and wanting more. He also comment that I should deny my prostate the pleasure it is demanding with the Aneros and when I do use it again it will be really “out of earth”. I couldn’t resist a session the next day so I had one and oh my god!!!

    My 4th Day:
    After reading all the forums of what could happen and knowing what my past sessions had been I was so horny throughout the day and just Buzzing. I told myself I could have a session at midnight but not before. I edged myself a couple of times throughout the day and got my living room ready. I put a couple blankets down and a pillow for my head and lower back. I lubed up my hole and the Helix this time with vasoline and then water based lube and inserted the Helix half way and let my body adjust it. I started watching porn by it took away from concentrating on my body so I shut it off and did my kegel reps again and then my legs started shaking and then my whole body started shaking. It did this a couple of times but then it took my body to the next level and I started dirty talking to myself out of no ware instead of moaning (you are a whore now and only get off from getting fucked now, your penis is useless now, don’t even touch your penis, I even had a weird scenario in my head of getting fucked by a guy with a beard), I even slapped my chest and face a couple of times lightly .This led to that feeling of having to cum again a couple of times (only pre-cum which I forced myself to taste each time). The went on for a couple of rounds and then my legs got tired so I put them down flat with my legs still twitching and then my toes curled and my ass tightened and the Helix went deeper in me (fu*king delicious). A couple of rounds of that and then I put my knees back up as the rounds stopped. Then my knees started making me rock back to front which made it feel like the Aneros was fu*king me. (not sure if it was or touching the ground at this point as I threw the pillow earlier). This felt amazing! It all died down after an hour and a half and I just lay there sweating and feeling like a little Aneros whore who had been used but with extreme pleasure and wanting more. I ended up masturbating as I had been sustaining for the days leading up to this session and the load was massive and the felling during it of the Helix still in me was amazing.

    I took a day off and I had dreamed of it all day during my rest day and practiced my kegels. I would browse the forms like a stalker taking it all in, watching videos of peoples sessions and I ended up chatting with someone on here. Pre-cum off and on all day and just buzzing and dreaming of my next session while my hole and prostate was calling for my new friend. I went to bed and in the morning I was awoke by my prostate telling me it was ready to go….I would feel my prostate grip me in pleasure and I would let out a little moan while grabbing my crotch (this has been happening off and on throughout the day…probably to many kegel exercises yesterday or that re-wiring phase people talk about) when I lay down or my mind gets racing with thoughts of it all. I can’t wait for my session tonight. If it doesn’t go as planned it is the journey that counts.

    Feel free to comment, send me a message or say hi. People have been really friendly on here and I just want everybody to have a great session. It took me five years and not trying it for a long time to get to this place. Looking at the Progasm now for a second friend! I label myself as a Aneros Whore now!


    • 05/27/2020at6:32 pm

      Phew, Bro‘, what an exciting first blog post, Your vivid report gave me some decent chairgasms. Keep us posted and informed about your further experiences. May you find your unique realm of endless bliss and ecstasy along a wonderful journey! Cheers, Mart

    • Ggringo

      05/29/2020at5:00 pm

      It’s ALWAYS nice to read other member’s success stories and yours show readers how persistence pays off! I hope the lurkers reading about your progress get inspired enough to sign up and the newbies continue on their journey with a positive outlook.

      Thanks for sharing and please keep writing about your progress. Life is wonderful!

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