• Musings and Tempo

    Over the last 5 weeks away, I’ve been travelling overseas and, during that time, along the Aneros road, learning about my different friends, Helix, Maximus and MGX. Eupho got to hold the fort at home.

    It’s been a mind blowing road so far and although I dabled with Tantra, some 30 years ago, I would have liked to have discovered the Aneros ‘training wheels’, which have rewired me in an amazing way.

    Seeing my wife for the first time in 5 weeks, our sex was pretty magical. I reaquainted myself with the Eupho while she was out in the morning and I found new pleasures within minutes, which set me up with that familiar buzz all day long. I had bought my wife a new Lelo wand, so in the afternoon we got to try that out. Apart from the fun that generated, I also found that my orgasms were more intense and I was able to last longer before ejaculation. In addition, I had a beautiful dry-O with my wife lightly tonguing my frenulum. What was most apparent was that the ability to relax into the sensations made the feelings far more intense and I could understand that the mental connection with my wife is a major factor in feeling. Before, it was always more physical.

    That night I woke to the most powerful full body aless orgasms for about an hour. Lying on my back, with one foot crossed over the other and my thumbs laid either side of my perineum, I fully relaxed into the waves that just rose and rose until the the crescendo peaked and took me over the edge. I’m sure I felt my toenails rocking 🙂 The following morning, Eupho took its place again as I took the dog for a walk. The Eupho really does wobble and move in all the right ways. I now have the ability to really feel as though I can manipulate individual muscle fibres to move it around inside me. Sometimes I can make my prostate rotate clockwise, other times anti clockwise. It’s fun to change direction and feel the spike in waves as the muscles change around Mr P.

    Last night the same occurred, waking up again twice to bring on full body aless orgasms. I can’t believe this!! I remember as a teenager, I could wank several times a day. Now as a 56 year old, I can orgasm many more times a day and still have the energy of that teenager.

    This morning, up at 5 to teach spin at the local gym, I came back to my new arrival, Tempo. I write this, with it twitching inside me. On whether it touches my prostate or not, I think it does, as has been said elsewhere, ‘kiss’ it, with the sweetest of kisses. If I suck it in, to the last knob, I can feel that familiar sensation. I am pushing it out so that the inner knob reaches the inside of my spincter and then, by relaxing, I can feel it slowly slide back inside me, the inner head brushing against me causing exquisite joy.

    As @SoWithoutAneros said in one of hist posts


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