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    Just learning how to "suck" energy up my spine to my chest, head and back down my chest/heart, abdomen penis and prostate. Feels like a hot or icy hot wave that follows my breath and my attention around my trunk, amazing. The base of my spine feels very cool, temperature-wise. Don't know exactly what I'm doing except Jmay talked about this sucking energy around before and now I understand what he meant. If I do this a few times, the energy seems to equalize throughout my body. This is fun to do! I'm riding the progasm of course while I'm doing this. Got to learn more about this stuff.
    Still reeling after Brine's "primal" event last night, never seen anything like it. Men gathered around him )virtually( participating in his session, feeding his pleasure and being fed by it, me included. Like something out of a prehistoric men's society initiation ritual. Do I hear drums beating? Very powerful.

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      11/12/2013at10:40 pm

      Primal! I love it.
      It actually happens a lot. With many different guys experiencing things. All over the place in range of experience and intensity. VERY glad you were there!

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