• More mini-O's

    So last night I once again experienced a couple of mini-O's. They were very mild compared to previous ones. But they felt more energetic in the sense of I could feel the energy moving up my torso. And less of a release than ejaculatory orgasms give, and prior more intense mini-O's had. Looking back at my previous entries, it seems like it was somewhat similar to what I had back in August. What I found interesting is this time it was the second Aneros session of the day, which usually never leads anywhere, so that was a surprise. And it was this process of feeling a good sensation, and focusing on it while encouraging and allowing it to build. Feeling the Progasm slide in and out of me via my involuntary contractions and thusly against my prostate and perineum was absolutely delightful feeling. After the two mini-O's I kept the session going to see if more orgasms would happen, but I just couldn't seem to get there. I would love it if I could attain these orgasms more regularly, but you know how that goes with the hopes and expectations. 😛

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