• Mild mini-O's

    So this morning I had another couple of mild mini-O's. This is two and half months since the last time it happened. It's been I think, four days into this round of Aneros sessions, with two of those days also using my Feeldoe More after the Aneros session. Today was just an Aneros session with my Progasm. As of last night I've been rather horny, easily aroused, and my prostate quite sensitive. So that has been quite helpful. The two mild mini-O's were more full body feeling, but without a sense of release.
    It's interesting to note that the tell tales for me that I know they are coming on is an involuntary increase in heart rate, breath intervals, and strength and speed of involuntary anal contractions. But the thing is that this time I really had to work at getting there. Meaning I had to really both relax my anus in the right way and also really pay attention to all the sensations. It felt like it took much more effort and focus than prior times this happened. I'm not complaining by any means. Just making an observation.
    Another interesting thing to note, is that after the mini-O's, I noticed that my prostate was very swollen, and didn't seem to allow the Progasm much room to move. So I'm now wondering for future sessions that when this happens, perhaps I should remove the Progasm and insert a smaller Aneros to see if this improves the situation and maybe allows me to have more orgasms in the same session.
    As I type this my prostate is pulsing away and tempting me to try for another Aneros session. But I know that those back to back ones rarely accomplish much. So I will go out and do some errands, and maybe later in the evening if I'm still feeling horny I'll give it another go and see what happens.

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