• MGX, Maximus, and Progasm ICE give me stupendous Aless! Session for Monday April 16

    Hi guys,
    Because of matters I had to attend to over the weekend, I was not able to have an Aneros session this past Saturday or Sunday yesterday. But I was really horned for one. I believe that proficient Aneros users reach a point in their Aneros journey that their well-exercised anal musculature and prostate hunger for the Aneros. It could be called Aneros hunger or horniness. Of course, many proficient Anerosers try to limit their sessions to two or three times a week. Aneros hunger or horniness interacts well with one’s Aless, especially on those days away from the Aneros. That has been my experience over the years, especially when I began to experience Super-O’s and MMO’s on regular basis in my sessions and in my Aless beginning in mid September 2016 when I achieved a major breakthrow. See below:
    This morning I arose in the 5 o’clock hour feeling horned for a session. I had worn my Nutty Buddy Mongo Cup to bed last night and slept well. I went out and returned with a Brookie and coffee from our 7 Eleven. My Aneros tools of MGX, Maximus, and Progasm ICE had already been prepped and were rearing to go. I also donned a BIKE jockstraps-Nutty Buddy Mongo Cup for the session.
    I took my time with each of my Aneros models. MGX hugs my prostate and thus accentuates the force of my Kegels. I also Kegeled a great deal with Maximus and was richly rewarded with tons of pleasure. The same thing with Progasm ICE. I believe this morning’s session lasted about 1.25 hours.
    These three models left me with stupendous Aless which I greatly enjoy. It feels that each of these models are still inserted and working away. This type of Aless is made even more potent with the Kegels. Take care!
    Update at 5:20 p.m. Aless still going very strong it this hour. Following are observations about jocks, cups, and sexual arousal I shared with @goldenboy a few minutes ago:
    “@goldenboy, I have been wearing jocks and cups for about fifty-years, certainly at the time I entered adolescence. Over the years, I have made the following observations what how a jockstrap feels on me as it does its function of supporting my genitals. First, a jockstrap lifts up, supports, and secures the scrotum, first to keep the testicles out of harm’s way, and secondly, protect and guard the athlete from fatigue. A male thus feels the reassuring elastic lift of his scrotum. Most men and boys thus enjoy this primary feel of a jockstrap they are wearing. Secondly, a jockstrap lifts and secure a male’s penis to prevent it from flopping about during his sport and even when wearing a jock for casual activities. Also he enjoys the mesh jock pouch upon his scrotum, his penis shaft, and certainly upon his Glans if he’s circumcised and his Glans is exposed 24/7. I personally have noticed and have reveled in the elastic uplift of a jockstrap upon the scrotum, at the base and middle part of my cock, and certainly the caressing power of the mesh jock pouch upon my Glans.
    “An athletic cup, or as you say “chastity” cup, has the primary function of protecting a guy’s testicles from various impacts associated with contact sports. Modern-day athletic cups have a contoured, banana shape to conform to a guy’s groin area. The best athletic cups have rather thick gaskets or perimeters to give increased comfort to the athlete. Finally such athletic cups have a contoured shape that reaches under his scrotum and encloses it. The very bottom edge of such cups cover his perineum to protect him from errant baseballs, etc.
    “Over time jockstraps and athletic/”chastity” cups invest themselves with erotic power to many guys, especially guys such as a guy as me who have over the years have deveoped an intense jock/cup fetish. Hence even the sight or feel of such articles have much power to spark and boost sexual arousal.”
    Update @11:15 p.m. near my bedtime. I have dressed for bed with a Nutty Buddy Trophy (large size) Cup which is a tad smaller from the extra-large Nutty Buddy Mongo Cup. I am heading to bed now, ready to engage with my strong Aless with lots of Kegels and diddling. Tonight I add the Mindfulness Metta (compassion) meditation routine while diddling myself. Take care!

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