• MGX, Maximus, and Progasm Classic are so awesome! Session for Friday April 20

    Hi guys,
    I believe that my Aneros sessions are a type of weight training. Many years ago during my long career at a university in my neighborhood I used to work out several times a week at its field house. First I spend an hour or so doing weight training, then run several laps on the race track in the gym, and then end swimming in the Olympic size pool located adjacent to the men’s showers and locker room. I am glad that I did this type of athletic activity. It boosted my work life at the university. It always uplifting to see all sorts of men doing their routines and then in the nude in the showers and locker room, ages 18 into their old age.
    I learned very early from the gym athletic trainers and from fellow athletes that weight training is most effective if you space days off from weight training sessions. The same is true with Aneros sessions. Think of your prostate and anal tract as muscles. They need days off to rest from the rigor Aneros weight training that occurs in sessions. My working outs at the university field house always made me good both physically and emotionally. This happens when those “feel good” endorphins that a good gym work out releases in your body and your psyche. The seem is true from my Aneros sessions I have now. Not only are endorphins released but there is the electric pleasure of Alessness for hours after a session.
    For this morning’s session I used in succession the following Aneros tools: MGX, Maximus, and Progasm Classic. The session lasted about 45 minutes. While the session seemed short in duration, I devoted quality leisurely time toward each model. I haven’t used Progasm Classic for several months. I cut my teeth on both Progasm Classic and his younger bro, Progasm ICE in September 2012 about three months of using Helix Syn and then Maximus in early June 2012. I love Progasm Classic for its rugged duty traction in the same way I love the sleek action of Progasm ICE. However this morning Progasm Classic massaged both my prostate and anal musculature in a sleek yet robust fashion. It felt so good!
    In this morning session, I let go and let each of these Aneros tools work on me in their own fashion, but I also Kegeled with each of them. It seems to me that the Aneros was invented to work hand-in-hand with the Kegel exercises for optimum use. However the Kegels in my sessions are boosted by calm, rhythmic breathing which works so well with all my devices from slender Eupho to big bruiser and thick Progasm.
    Like all my recent sessions, I wore my two-jockstraps-Nutty Buddy Mongo Cup combo which magnified the force and pleasure of my session.
    My session concluded at 6 a.m. After showering and shaving, I donned a jockstrap with the Nutty Buddy Trophy Cup underneath my jeans. My physique is between the Nutty Buddy Mongo (XL) Cup and its smaller Trophy (L) Cup. Both athletic cup sizes are absolutely to Kegel in. That is what I have been doing periodically while typing this blog entry. My Aless feels vibrant and electric right now.
    I am day 14 of my second SR challenge. Maybe this is why I am so horned for a session like this. Take care!
    Update at 3:30 p.m. At 11:30 a.m. this morning, I had to use the bathroom and then take a quick shower. Since then I have wearing XL size Nutty Buddy Mongo Cup underneath my jeans.Feels so good especially when I Kegel.
    Update at 8:30 p.m. an hour so so before my bedtime: It is a very quiet Friday night here at my apartment. The workmen renovating my apartment building left for their homes at 5. Right I am in my sweats which I will wear to bed. Underneath my sweatpants is my boxer brief-jockstrap-Nutty Buddy Mongo Cup combo which feels so good wearing. On an additional note, a telemarketer was trying to reach me just now at 8:35. How dare they! I seldom answer my phone now! I let them all go out of my mind as I prepare myself for bliss in bed!

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