• Met my new friend Helix-Syn

    Monday the Helix-Syn arrived and I wanted to check it out so I made it home a couple hours before the wife. The Helix Syn is like a work of art. I did not know how I would do as I started massaging with the Progasm Ice and just had a sleep over with it. Well my new buddy Helix was right at home. It rockets in to your center and doesn't know when to quit. I was surprised how good it feels. I had my first mini dry orgasm! Yep I feel good with my progress. I looked down my dick got harder and thick and I had to check if I had cum. I try to lay on my side with the top leg bent for most sessions. I do try some other positions before I end it. I also learned from the groups on here just slow down and feel things easy. My buddy knows what to do.
    Well the wife called coming home I tell her I am in the pool and I just could not take the new Helix-Syn out so thats where she found me sitting in the pool. I found laying with my back on the noodle and cheeks on the in pool bench or steps I could just balance and everything was nice. I did not want to leave the pool :( wife came home got in the pool got out and I am still doing my balancing act with a smile on my face.
    fun loving

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