• Maximus Trident Review

    I knew I was going to be writing another review, I just didnt think it would be so soon. Friday I went to my local adult store which happened to have the Maximus Trident in stock. In addition to something sexy for my wife I returned home with the Maximus. Being late afternoon and home alone I was particularly aroused. I decided it was time to give girthy maximus a try.
    Without having tried the original maximus there is little to compare to besides my Progasm. These are completely different toys.
    The Maximus goes in fairly easily for its size. Once in place my ass is at maximum capacity. Just kidding not a good joke. Its noticeable size once in compared to mt beloved helix trident.
    Throwing in some kegals I noticed less movement than the Helix but quite a bit more than the Progasm. However very pleasurable. Once again aneros does not disapoint. Wonderfull contact with my sweet spot on my perineum. And a very comfortable k-tab. A very pleasurable engagement of my prostate but a different engagment. The design hugs and rubs my prostate compared to the firm contact provide by the Helix.
    I am a leaker without using an aneros when aroused. A prostate massage kicks it into high gear. The Maximus did not disappoint here. Within a few minutes i had a decent puddle on my stomach that grew with every contraction. I only got a couple of drops of prostate fluid with the maximus. With the pleasure building deep inside and the involvantaries going. The maximus moved well just not enough for my liking. It would dance and rub my prostate sending waves of pleasure through my body. I could never get it to dance and work side to side or circular on my prostate like i can the helix.

    Overall this is another excellent prostate massager from aneros. Personally I find the size a little but of a drawback for me. However if you like size this is a toy for you.

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