• Maximus, MGX, and Progasm Classic, Wow! : Sessions for June 10 & 12

    Hi guys,

    I had two great sessions with Maximus, MGX, and Progasm Classic in that order for Sunday June 10 and this morning, June 12.

    Seldom do have Aneros sessions on Sunday mornings because that is when I am in church. However last Sunday morning there was only one service at church that seemed avant-garde, so I stayed home. The session I had only lasted 45 minutes in this time slot, 5:30-6:15 a.m. at dawn and sunrise. Now I know that I can begin a session with Maximus which performed well. Then I went on with MGX which performed better. But it was with Progasm Classic that I had a Super-O which lasted five seconds. My Super-O caused me to raise my nips and butt off my blanket. I should have stayed in the pose after my Super-O and attempt a series of Super-O’s and just MMO’s!

    @smaster, who is a fairly new member of our Aneros community has been inspirational in that regard:


    This morning I had a session with the same models which lasted perhaps an hour. I came close to experiencing a Super-O with Maximus. I also enjoyed my rides with MGX and Progasm Classic as well. These rides this morning felt so good that I just spent extra time just “communing” with my Aneros models.

    Take care!

    P.S. I forgot to add that I discovered yesterday afternoon that binaural beat videos on Youtube are effective in boosting Aneros pleasure because I have found that binaural beats tend to focus upon my prostate! Notice the effect of this Youtube video has on your prostate!


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