• Maximus, MGX, and Progasm Classic all the way : Sessions for July 25 & 26

    Hi guys,

    I had two sessions with Maximus, MGX, and Progasm Classic back-to-back, yesterday morning and earlier this morning. Both sessions were very hot, especially when I had a session in this order of models: Progasm Classic, MGX, and Maximus earlier today. It is not very often that I start off a session with Progasm Classic. But he rode me well close to forty miles as I breathed calmly and anal contractions. It felt so good as did MGX and Maximus. My prostate right now feels well exercised and my bunghole feels well-plowed. Need I say more? I am savoring a powerful and sweet Aless which will last the rest of the day! Take care.

    Update at 11 p.m. just before bedtime. I had really rugged Aless which exhausted me. But really I had gotten only three hours sleep last night and paid for it by dragging through the day today. When I hop in bed tonight, I am ready to engage with my Aless in a most intimate way!

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