• Marathon session

    )Starting with this blog entry, I go into much more detail on each session. This session, along with the next 3, were originally transcribed to paper immediately after the session ended.(
    Started for the 1st hour w/o the vibrator on, doing the usual warm-up contractions and breathing exercises. From there I tried contractions of various strengths. For the first time without the vibrator on, I felt a few small orgasms. I continue to make progress here.
    At around 9:50p I turned on the vibrator, starting with low-steady. While it felt nice, I didn't feel close to getting any orgasms. I shifted to medium-steady and while it felt a bit better, I still wasn't getting anywhere. After about 20 minutes, I moved to High-Steady. Once again it felt better, but I still wasn't getting close to orgasm. I decided to be patient and try different levels of contractions. I was eventually rewarded with a number of moderate strength orgasms. Kept at it for the rest of the session, dropping down to Medium-Steady for a bit. Orgasms )small to moderate( came at a steady pace. Towards the end, I felt a really strong orgasm start to come on and thought maybe I was about to have my first Super-O. As it turned out, all I was feeling was the Vice slipping out. Odd. :(
    One Note: I was feeling a bit sore towards the end; not sure if it was fatigue or if I was going too rough. Once I removed the Vice, I felt fine. Guessing fatigue.

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