• Losing its lustre

    This wasn’t a bad session just not as good as some I’ve had especially with the Progasm. Think I’m going to take a week off and see what happens next time.



    • Avatar for Harper


      10/26/2018at6:20 pm

      Worth a try. Sometimes taking a little time out works wonders, also a little SR if you can. Bet you don’t last the week before you feel a craving for a session from your prostate!

    • Avatar for Clive864


      10/27/2018at2:04 pm

      For me, I let my body tell me when it’s ready. At most I have 3 Sessions a week but usually 2. And SR is also good for keeping the cravings strong.

    • Avatar for newjoytoy


      10/28/2018at2:08 pm

      Harper, you were right. Gave in yesterday afternoon.

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