• Longest O yet!

    Hello again! It has been a while since I last posted but it has been fairly uneventful. I have noticed something strange, though. I seem to be more successful during anerosless sessions rather than normal sessions.
    I have actually been able to achieve multiple prostate orgasms without the aneros inserted! These orgasms are a bit less intense than ones that the aneros helped make but they are fun none-the-less. I simply begin to clench exercise my pc muscles at any time during the day and I am on my way to an anerosless orgasm. I just have to be carefull with the power and timing of the clenches in order to orgasm this way. I have gotten better and better at it over the last few weeks. Speaking of which, here is what happened last night:
    Tonight I decided to try something new. Usually, I go into an aneros session relatively cold. But this time I decided to have an anerosless session beforehand and then use the aneros after a few orgasms without it.
    I start outed out just watching some porn, sitting fully clothed in my chair. The first and second orgasm this way take the longest, about 20 minutes to start the first one and 10 minutes for the second. I have noticed that after I get a couple of orgasms under my belt the next ones come quite easily. Positive feedback loops are awesome, aren't they?
    Long story short, I have a half dozen anerosless orgasms before moving on to inserting the aneros. Within a couple of minutes I find myself on the verge of another orgasm but something different happens here. This orgasm was quite different. Instead of the type of prostate orgasm I was familiar with happening, I was instead at an incredibly close plateau of pleasure just below it. The only thing is, I was at this plateau for like 10 minutes!!! At first I was slightly frustrated I couldn't get above this threshold but I started noticing how long this event was happening and instead just enjoyed being at such a high level for so long. It was pretty fun and definitely qualifies as my best experience so far.
    People are always talking about how no two sessions are alike and I am a true believer of that now. I had no way to expect this new kind of orgasm I encountered. I can't wait to see what else this wonderful toy has in store for me!

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